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Chubu Electric Power Initiatives Eight Action Guidelines

Thorough Compliance

We comply with the law, CEPCO's rules and corporate ethics.

  • We obey the law in letter and spirit and act in accordance with social rules.
  • Our decision-making follows proper procedures and we conduct our operations accurately.
  • We act with sound judgment in both our public and private lives so as not to endanger people's trust in the company.
  • We promptly correct any actions that violate laws, internal rules or corporate ethics.

Fair and Sincere Corporate Activities

We treat our customers, business partners and local communities fairly.

  • We obey the Electric Utility Law and Antitrust Law and practice fair and transparent trade with our customers and business partners.
  • We always fulfill our contractual obligations and exercise our own rights fairly.
  • We respond promptly and accurately to ideas from outside parties.
  • We practice dialog with the outside and work for understanding and trust of the company.

Proper Information Management and Disclosure

We deal with information fairly, confidentially and accurately, and we disclose information required of CEPCO on time.

  • We strictly manage information relating to customers, shareholders, business partners and others and prevent leaks of such information.
  • We do not engage in any acts that raise suspicion of insider trading.
  • Our records and reports on business processes are accurate, based on fact and managed properly.
  • We obey relevant laws and internal rules when acquiring or using outside information and ensure that these are done properly.
  • We disclose information on the company's management status and business activities in a proactive, timely and appropriate manner.

Establishing a Sound Corporate Culture

We respect human rights and provide for a sound business culture.

  • We respect individuals' dignity, honor and privacy.
  • We never practice harassment or discrimination based on nationality, race, social standing, gender, religion, ideas, etc.
  • We build an open workplace where individuals are free to state their opinions frankly to colleagues, superiors and personnel from higher ranking offices.

Maintaining a Good Relationship with the Government and Authorities

We will take no actions that make people doubt our fairness in undertaking our business activities.

  • We obey the Political Funds Control Law, Public Office Election Law and other relevant laws and maintain healthy and proper relationships with the government and its administrative offices.
  • We stand resolutely against any anti-social forces that threaten community peace and order.
  • Gift-giving and entertainment are kept in moderation and within the scope of sound judgment.

Proper Management and Utilization of Assets

We administer and use CEPCO's assets in a proper fashion.

  • We properly manage company assets and work to avoid damage and loss.
  • We use company assets solely for business purposes and never for personal use.
  • We properly maintain company rights (including ownership and intellectual property rights).

Environmental Conservation

We make efforts to minimize the environmental impact of CEPCO's operations.

  • We work to use resources effectively and reduce environmental burdens.
  • We work to reduce waste, reuse and recycle.
  • We reflect internal and external opinions in our environmental initiatives and raise the level of our environmental management.

Assuring Safety, Hygiene and Security

We strive to maintain a safe and healthy work environment and ensure the security of CEPCO' plants and infrastructure.

  • We make safety our first priority and work to ensure the safety of the public and our workers and the security of our facilities.
  • We build a safe and comfortable workplace environment to ensure employees' mental and physical health.
  • In the event of accidents or disasters, we work to determine the cause and take thorough recurrence prevention measures.