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Compliance Initiatives Chubu Electric Power Initiatives

Promotion System

Under the leadership of Chubu Electric Power's Compliance Committee (established in December 2002 and chaired by the President), we are building systems for the promotion of compliance throughout the company.

Compliance Standards, Etc.

We adopted the Chubu Electric Power Declaration of Compliance as a basic policy as directed by the President in March 2003. Based on the declaration, in August of the same year we established the Eight Action Guidelines and Action Checkpoints as standards of conduct. We keep all employees informed of these standards by, for example, printing them on carry-along cards and distributing them.

Consultation System

We set up a hotline in a special office in the Legal Affairs Department in December 2002 to answer compliance-related inquiries, which arrive from employees by email, letter, telephone or other means. To protect the inquirer, the President has declared that such inquiries shall not lead to negative repercussions for the inquirer and that all information that could identify the inquiring individual will stay within the special office.

Awareness Raising and Training Activities

Among our initiatives to raise awareness and increase knowledge about compliance, we hold compliance lectures and training suited to each class of employee.
In addition, each department and regional office re-inspects business processes as part of their initiatives to conduct such processes appropriately.