Chubu Electric Power Co.,Inc. | Joint Statement - Group Initiatives

Group Initiatives Joint Statement

Seeking to ensure certain and comprehensive compliance in each of our companies and in the Group as a whole, the Chubu Electric Power Group established the council in April 2003 and has acted with the aim of being a good corporate citizen trusted and supported by society.
However, our initiatives are not yet sufficient, a fact demonstrated by a variety of compliance violations that have subsequently occurred.
We, the top management of the various Chubu Electric Power companies, need to be acutely aware that we are ultimately responsible for all compliance violations in our businesses' actions.
Therefore we will re-confirm, as below, that each of our companies is acting autonomously and working with each other within the consensus of the council to ensure that the Chubu Electric Power Group continues to develop as a multi-energy services group.

  1. 1. Our executive management, including each company's top management, set an example by clearly demonstrating an attitude of compliance.
  2. 2. We verify whether we have built systems capable of preventing or rapidly detecting potential compliance problems in the conduct of each company's business and finding appropriate resolutions to them, and we work to make any necessary improvements.
  3. 3. We cultivate an awareness among each company's employees that compliance is an integral part of our operations, and make them understand that in the performance of their work, each employee is acting as a representative of the company.