Key Point of President's Regular Press Conference(2006) November 2006

Reference 1:Cumulative Coal Shipments to Hekinan Thermal Power Station Reach 100 million Tons

November 28, 2006
Chubu Electric Power Co.,Inc.

With the arrival of a ship on November 11, 2006, Chubu Electric's Hekinan Thermal Power Station has accepted shipments of 100 million tons of coal since the first shipment in October 1990. A volume of 100 million tons of coal is enough to fill the Nagoya Dome approximately 60 times.

Chubu Electric is deeply grateful to everyone whose understanding and support has enabled us to develop, build and manage this power station.

We will continue to maintain Hekinan Thermal Power Station so that operations will continue smoothly in the future.

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1. Overview of Hekinan Thermal Power Station

Address : 8-2, Konan-machi 2-chome, Hekinan City, Aichi

Output : 4,100 MW (largest among coal-fired thermal power plants in Japan)

Unit No. 1 No. 2 No. 3 No. 4 No. 5
Output 700 MW 700 MW 700 MW 1,000 MW 1,000 MW
Start of operations Oct.1991 June.1992 Apr.1993 Nov.2001 Nov.2002

2. Volume of coal shipments received at Hekinan Thermal Power Station (cumulative)

3. Nations imported from (eight nations)

Australia, China, US, Canada, Indonesia, New Zealand, Russia, South Africa

4. Procurement by country (FY2005)

5. Major environmental measures taken at Hekinan Thermal Power Station

(1) Air pollution measures

  • • Sulfur oxide (SOx) measures
    Flue gas desulfurization equipment installed to cause flue gas SOx to react with limestone to form useful gypsum.
  • • Nitrogen oxide (NOx) measures
    Flue gas denitrification equipment installed to decompose flue gas NOx into harmless nitrogen and water.

Emissions per unit of thermal power output
  Sulfur oxide (SOx) Nitrogen oxide (NOx)
Hekinan Thermal PS 0.11g/kWh 0.11g/kWh
Average for Japan 0.2g/kWh 0.3g/kWh
Average for US 3.7g/kWh 1.7g/kWh

*Figures for Chubu Electric from FY2005, for Japan from FY2004, US for FY2002.

(2) Waste countermeasures

  • • Effective use of coal ash
    Using the outstanding material properties of coal ash resulting from power generation, such as its fineness, lightness and ability to impart strength, we are reusing most of our coal ash as cement material, building materials, cultivation soil and in such products as Circulash, an artificial zeolite.
  • • Circulash artificial zeolite
    Artificial zeolite has many positive applications, many of them benefiting the environment. These include adsorbing and deodorizing gases that have offensive odors, cleaning heavy metals and other pollutants from wastewater, and enhancing soils. Chubu Electric sells artificial zeolite, trade name Circulash, that is produced on the grounds of Hekinan Thermal Power Station. It is used in household air purifiers and other systems.

Coal ash emissions: Approx. 930,000 tons (FY2005)

< How it is used >

  • • Effective use: approx. 860,000 tons
    (breakdown: cement approx. 760,000 tons, construction boards and ground enhancement material, etc. approx. 100,000 tons)
  • • Landfill disposal: approx. 70,000 tons

(3) Other environmental measures

  • • Installation of "general effluent treatment equipment" to clean wastewater resulting from power station operations.
  • • Performance of measures to minimize impact of heated effluent on nearby coastal zones.
  • • Installation of wind-deflection fencing to prevent coal dust scattering from coal storage facilities.
  • • Design of major buildings with motif of sailboats floating on Mikawa Bay.
  • • Covering 25% of premises with vegetation. Also, building a healing garden and providing space for bird watching and other nature activities, especially in open lawns adjacent to power station.