Press Release Back Number(2002)

Cumulative electricity generation at the Chita Thermal Power Plant since the start of its operation reaches 500 billion kWh

November 6, 2002

The cumulative electricity generation at the Chita Thermal Power Plant (Kitahama-cho, Chita-shi; Plant Manager: Tadashi Hashimoto) since the start of its operation reached 500 billion kWh at 6 am, November 5, 2002.

Five-hundred billion kWh amounts to approximately 200 days of electricity provided in Japan, and approximately four years of electricity for the area supplied by Chubu Electric Power.

It took 37 years and 8 months for the Chita Thermal Power Plant to achieve cumulative electricity generation of 500 billion kWh since its first unit started operations. It is the first plant in our company, including nuclear power plants, to achieve such a feat. Even among thermal power plants in Japan, only the Anesaki Thermal Power Plant of Tokyo Electric Power Company has generated more electricity.

This record, which proves that the Chita Thermal Power Plant is a plant with a large production capacity and a long life, is the result of the efforts of all of its employees to eliminate accidents.

Since the first unit started operations on February 11, 1966, many new facilities have been added to the Chita Thermal Power Plant due to the high economic growth in Japan, with the sixth unit starting operations in April 1978. In particular, the fifth and sixth units, which are still operating smoothly, attracted a great deal of attention as the first LNG-fired units in our company.
Afterward, with the first to the fourth units also converted to LNG-fired ones, all units at the plant were LNG-fired units by 1985.

Moreover, in order to cope with the shortage of electricity supply, the work (repowering work) for conversion of the first, second, fifth, and sixth units to combined-cycle ones that burn exhaust gas was performed from 1992 to 1996. As a result, with its current overall electricity output of 3,966,000 kWh, the Chita Thermal Power Plant became one of Japan's leading thermal power plants in terms of power generation capacity.