Press Release Back Number(2004)

Startup of a Coal Ash-Derived Artificial Zeolite Production Facility

October 27, 2004
Chubu Electric Power Co., Inc.

This February, we started construction of an artificial zeolite production facility on the premises of our Hekinan Thermal Power Plant (in Hekinan City, Aichi Pref.). Operations at this production facility began on October 22.

Artificial zeolite is a fine, gray, powdery substance created by chemically processing coal ash. Since its crystalline porous structure has adsorptive, cation-exchange, and catalytic capabilities, artificial zeolite can be used for various purposes, such as removing malodorous gases and improving the environment through uses including water purification and soil improvement.

We have been promoting the effective use of coal ash in materials for civil engineering projects, construction and gardening. However, for the purpose of adding further value and promoting additional use, we decided to branch out into production and sales of artificial zeolite in June 2003. We also began to carry out sales of this material on a trial basis.

From this point forward, we will use our new facility to produce high-quality artificial zeolite to be sold under the name "Circulash" (circulate + ash)(trademark pending).

- Overview of business project

1. Business structure

Distributor: Chubu Electric Power Co., Inc.
Manufacturer: Comres Corp.

2. Production facility

On the premises of Hekinan Thermal Power Plant(Address: 8-2, Konan-machi 2-chome, Hekinan City, Aichi Prefecture)
Maximum annual production capacity: 3,000 tons