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Electric Charges and How to Pay Your Bill How to Pay Your Bill

Payment by Credit Card

This is a means of payment by applying in advance, and paying continuously every month, and not by presenting your credit card to pay directly over the counter every time.
The payment will be conducted from your account together with other payments from your credit card. It will enable you to manage household expenditures easily and to receive various services from credit card companies.
If you wish to pay by credit card, please apply either on our homepage or at Chubu Electric Power near you, so that we can send you "Application form for payment of electric charge by credit card" by mail. Please fill in this application form and return it to us. Please pay by the provided form for the 1-2 month(s) until the application procedure is completed.
Please note that, when you pay with this method, "Discount at the first transfer directly from your bank account" will not be applied.

Direct Debit from Your Bank Account

You can have the amount of your monthly electric bill deducted directly from your account at a bank or other financial institution by filling out a Direct Debit Request form at the financial institution handling your account. Each month money to cover your electricity bill is directly deducted from the account you specify. Since it is a direct transfer, it is important that there are enough funds in your account each month to cover the billed amount. We reduce your current month's electric charge by 54.00 yen if the previous month's charge was deducted from your bank account on the first deduction day, which is about ten days after your meter has been read. (This reduction is applicable to customers of "Meter Rate Lighting", "Time of Use" or "Peak-shift Lighting".) For further information, please contact either Chubu Electric Power near you or your financial institution. When making the request, you will need: (A) your account number, (B) your signature or personal seal covering the account, and (C) your customer identification number, which can be found on your meter reading card or receipt. During the one to two months it takes to process your application for direct debit, payment by direct debit will not be possible. Please pay your bill with the provided form.

The flow of direct debit from your bank account

Every month, your electric charge will be deducted about ten days after your meter has been read. If the money in your account doesn't cover your electric charge, you will get two more chances to pay before service interruption. If your electric charge can not be deducted during this time, we will mail you a statement indicating the current amount due. The first deduction date will be noted on your monthly meter reading card. A receipt of each month's direct deduction will be printed on the following month's meter reading card.
You can specify a deduction date. The date should be between the 10th day after the meter has been read and the due date.

(Note 1) There may be excluded days in some months that we cannot create direct debits for our reasons.
(Note 2) Direct debit dates can be specified upon your request by telephone.

An image of the flow of direct debit from your bank account
An image of a calendar of the automatic deduction from your bank account

Payment by using our payment slip

You can bring cash and the payment slip delivered from our company to your nearest bank, post office, convenience store that accepts Chubu Electric Power electricity bills in order to make your payment. You may receive our payment slip (A) within four or five days after we read the meter, or payment slip (B) at the time that we read the meter together with a meter reading slip.
Please make sure to pay by the payment due date shown on the payment slip.

Payment slip(A)

A picture of a payment slip

Payment slip(B)

A picture of a payment slip
  1. 1Billing month
  2. 2Total amount due
  3. 3Total consumption tax
  4. 4Customer's name
  5. 5Customer identification number
  6. 6Electricity consumption
  7. 7Deadline for regular payment
  8. 8Deadline for using this form