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CSR(Corporate Social Responsibility)

As an enterprise engaged in business with a large public interest component, Chubu Electric Power Group considers the trust of the public to be our very foundation. We strive always to be a corporate group that earns the trust of its stakeholders.
At Chubu Electric Power, we are therefore committed to fulfilling our corporate social responsibility (CSR) by good faith efforts to meet the expectations of all our stakeholders, by disclosure of information about those efforts to meet our obligation of accountability, and by continuous improvement through a process of feedback from the general public.

CSR Declaration

To summarize our approach to promoting CSR and communicating our message more clearly and accurately to all stakeholders, we formulated a CSR Declaration in 2006. This document was updated as a declaration for the group as a whole in March 2008, as a way to work together with greater unity and solidarity in fulfilling our corporate social responsibility. Under this philosophy,each member of the Group will apply their individual strengths as we promote our CSR activities.

Annual Report

In order to communicate the entire scope of our business activities as well as our CSR activities to all our stakeholders, we have been publishing Chubu Electric Power Company Group Annual Report.

Contribution to Society

Based on the Basic Corporate Citizenship Policies of the Chubu Electric Power Group (formulated in March 2008), we establish a shared basis of conceptual approaches and priority areas with Group companies, while at the same time promoting a wide range of activities.

Compliance Initiatives

Learn about Chubu Electric Power's compliance promotion framework and specific initiatives.