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Procurement Procurement by Chubu Electric Power

Since its founding in 1951, Chubu Electric power company has endeavored to develop new power sources and provide stable and inexpensive electric power in its role as an enterprise providing power services from generation to distribution, and as a public utility forming part of a lifeline for the nation.

Today's electric power business is becoming more competitive, with the liberalization of electric power retailing and the entry into the market of new and varied enterprises that cross the boundaries between types of industry and categories. Moreover, in the future we see competition and integration among the different energy markets, even as customer needs further diversify, leading to a much more challenging business environment for us.

Our goal, therefore, is to build a strong company group able to adapt flexibly and accurately to the changing structure of the energy market, a company group that provides excellent electric power and other services, meets its corporate social responsibility (CSR)*, and supports community development and rich lifestyles. Such a company is one that consumers will choose as their energy provider.

*Chubu Electric established its CSR Declaration.

CSR Declaration "Fulfilling our responsibilities and meeting society's expectations"

Basic Procurement Policy

In our procurement activities, Chubu Electric Power works to procure equipment and materials of excellent price and quality and seeks to fulfill our corporate social responsibility (CSR) to the environment and society.

What We Ask of Our Partners

Chubu Electric Power works to cultivate mutually trusting relationships and build stronger partnerships with our business partners, working with them to fulfill our corporate social responsibility (CSR).