Press Release Back Number(2001)

The establishment of "Chuden Wing Co., Ltd."
- To help disabled people work independently and to participate in social activities -

March 6, 2001

We have recently decided to establish a new company, the "Chuden Wing Company Limited," to promote the hiring of disabled people.

We have been aggressively hiring the disabled, recognizing the important social obligation of securing appropriate work opportunities for disabled people.

One of our company's policies is to successfully integrate into the community. Our overall aim is to help people help each other and to build a prosperous society together. To realize these policies and, specifically, to promote the hiring of disabled people, we have decided to establish a new company. The "Chuden Wing Company Limited" offers a new workplace for both the physically and mentally disabled who are not sufficiently provided opportunities for work in society. Through the new company, we intend to help the disabled become independent, so that they may feel happy at work and proud in life. The outlines of this new company are as follows:

1. Company name:

Chuden Wing Co., Ltd.

2. Establishment:

April 2, 2001 (commencement of business operations: April 2003, tentative)

3. Location:

  1. (1) Up to the commencement of business operations (2001 to 2002) 2-12-14 Chiyoda, Naka-ku, Nagoya City (in Chuden Chiyoda Building)
  2. (2) After commencement of business operations (2003 and later) 1-13-1 Tatewaki-cho, Minami-ku, Nagoya City (premises of the Kasadera power substation)

4. Principal Business summary:

  1. (1) Printing service
  2. (2) Gift wrapping, and delivery service
  3. (3) Flower cultivation and sale, rental and lease of flowers, maintenance of flower gardens and lawns

5. Capital amount: 25 million yen (100% invested on establishment)

To be increased to 460 million yen in 2002

6. Staff:

An initial staff of 35 (two thirds of which will be disabled persons)

7. Features:

  • • "Helping each other" and "Respecting others" will be the basic philosophy.
  • • A focus on the promotion of hiring both physically and mentally disabled people who are not sufficiently provided work opportunities
  • • Creation of new jobs, suitable for the disabled