Press Release Back Number(2004)

Announcement concerning the acquisition of treasury stocks

December 21, 2004
Chubu Electric Power Co., Inc.

Our company resolved at a Board of Directors held on December 21, 2004 to acquire treasury stocks in accordance with the provisions in the Commercial Code, Article 211-3, Section 1, Paragraph 2.


1. Reasons for acquiring treasury stocks

  1. To achieve an agile and flexible capital policy.

2. Specifications for acquisition

  1. (1) type of stocks: Common stocks of our company
  2. (2) Total number of stocks to be acquired: 3.5 million (upper limit)
    (Proportion of the total number of issued stocks: 0.5%)
  3. (3) Total amount required for the acquisition of stocks: 8.75 billion yen (upper limit)
  4. (4) Period of acquisition of the treasury stocks: From January 4, 2005 through March 31, 2005

[For reference] Possessed treasury stocks as of November 30, 2004

Total number of issued stocks (including treasury stocks) 736,857,187
Number of treasury stocks 12,912,525