Press Release Back Number(2007)

Chubu Electric to Acquire Treasury Stock
(Acquisition based on establishment of articles of association following Company Law, Article 165, Paragraph 2)

July 31, 2007
Chubu Electric Power Co., Inc.

Chubu Electric announces that, at the July 31, 2007 meeting of the Board of Directors, it decided to acquire treasury stock under Article 156 of the Company Law of Japan as applied pursuant to Article 165, Paragraph 3.

< Details >

1 Reason for acquiring treasury stock

This acquisition will help raise shareholder value by enhancing capital efficiency and increasing earnings per share.

2 Buyback details

(1) Types of shares

Chubu Electric common stock

(2) Number of shares

3.3 million (maximum)
(0.4% of shares issued)

(3) Value of shares

10 billion yen (maximum)

(4) Period

August 1 - December 31, 2007

3 Other

The shares bought back will be retired.

< Reference >

Treasury stock held by Chubu Electric as of June 30, 2007

Total shares issued (including treasury stock)


Treasury stock