Chubu Electric Power Group Report 2021(Integrated Report)

Contributing to the realization of a “safe, secure, and resilient society where people can live com-fortably” is the value we deliver to our customers and society.Our mission of “providing high-quality energy in a safer, more affordable, and more stable manner” remains unchanged. However, we need to signi-cantly change the ways we realize this mission. This will involve assuring energy security amid the trend toward decarbonization and evolving geo-political risks as well as responding to the increased complexity of the ows of electricity accompanying center of Japan, reecting the region’s position as a transportation hub in logistics as well as being a large consumption region. Combining these excel-lent primary, secondary, and tertiary industries in the same manner as with the sixth industrialization of agriculture will provide the basis for creating new business models and realizing a self-sustaining, decentralized, and highly efcient recycling-oriented society.In March 2020, we announced “Zero Emissions Challenge 2050” based on our strong determina-tion to contribute to the realization of a carbon-free society while drawing an image of the soci-ety we envision in 2050. We have set an array of numerical targets that include taking on the chal-lenge of attaining net zero CO2 emissions from our entire business by 2050; as a milestone toward attaining this goal achieving a 50% reduc-tion in CO2 emissions derived from electric power sold in 2030 versus the 2013 level; and aiming for 100% electrication of company-owned and -operated vehicles, excluding a portion of our special vehicles. Zero Emissions Challenge 2050 is extremely ambitious. Nevertheless, we will strive to achieve this together with our customers and society by multiplying the characteristics of the Chubu region with our energy infrastructure and solution tech-nologies such as for promoting energy savings and electrication.In envisioning Japan in 2050, we assume that decarbonization will transform the social structure and lifestyles while the advance of DX will acceler-ate these changes and anticipate that Japan will become a self-distributed and recycling-oriented system. Concurrently the need for resilience (safety and security) will likely continue to grow. I believe these three points are closely and mutu-ally linked. A safe and secure society is a “region-ally dispersed, independent, and recycling-oriented system.” For example, utilizing renewable energy such as solar power and wind power in each region to decarbonize rather than relying heavily on energy from overseas will serve as the foundation that supports a safe and secure society. The Chubu region boasts an ideal balance of the elements essential for realizing the above-men-tioned three points. These consist of primary indus-tries that are blessed with abundant nature; secondary industries having a concentration of human capabilities needed for spurring the thinking and ingenuity that drive advanced manufacturing and innovation; and tertiary industries located in the Taking advantage of the characteristics of the Chubu regionBalanced industrial structureContributing to the realization of a carbon-free societyZero Emissions Challenge 2050Building an Energy PlatformLooking ahead2P16P19What we aim to realizeValue we provide to customers and society3Image of Japanese Society in 2050Based on the keywords of “decarbonization,” “self-distributed and recycling-oriented system,” and “resilience”P15P27Top CommitmentTop CommitmentValue CreationClimate ChangeBusiness ActivitiesGovernanceHuman ResourcesFinancial / Corporate DataStrategy11Chubu Electric Power Group Report 2021

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