Chubu Electric Power Group Report 2021(Integrated Report)

In power transmission and distribution, we will promote the building of networks that achieve both maximum utilization of renewable energy for decarbonization and stable supply of electricity. To do so, we will strengthen adjustment capability in wider areas and sophisticate output prediction of power sources in responding to output uctua-tions and the supply-demand balance accompany-ing the increased use of renewable energy power sources. In power sales elds, we will work to improve the electrication rate, which is currently hovering at around 25%. Furthermore, we believe we can provide innovations as new solutions for decarbon-ization in non-electric sectors as well. We have accumulated unique solution know-how that leads to the overall effective use of energy. This includes actively working together with customers on inte-grated development solutions that are built in from production lines. These solution technologies and partnerships with customers serve as extremely effective business models for decarbonization, and we will work on the triad of Energy Saving, Energy Creation, and Energy Activation. From the perspective of S + 3E*3, especially in working toward decarbonization, nuclear power is playing an increasingly vital role as it does not emit CO2 during power generation. I believe properly utilizing this power source upon ensuring its safety is essential. Chubu Electric Power’s Hamaoka Nuclear Power Station is currently undergoing an inspec-tion for conrming conformity with new regulatory standards by the Nuclear Regulation Authority. Plant-related inspections will then proceed after generally determining the “standard for seismic movement” and the “standard for tsunami,” which are the cornerstones of safety improvements. We will then be able to explain to local residents and society the details of safety improvement measures based on these initiatives. We will continue to make all-out efforts to earn the under-standing and trust of the local community and society more than ever before.The most important part of our business activities is responding to the trust of our customers and society. In doing so, the Chubu Electric Power Group will fulll corporate social responsibility (CSR) as a good corporate citizen. Chubu Electric Power and Chubu Electric Power Miraiz underwent an on-site inspection by the Japan Fair Trade Commission on April 13, 2021 on suspicion of violating the Antimonopoly Act (unfair trade restrictions). We take this matter seriously and are cooperating fully with the com-mittee’s investigation. We realize this matter has caused all of you great concern. We will fully recognize that trust serves as the foundation of our business operations and will therefore make every effort to ensure thoroughgoing compliance. The Group’s business activities can be under-taken only when the safety and health of employ-ees and partners are assured. Based on this recognition, we are promoting workstyle reforms and making active efforts to create an environ-ment where employees can further demonstrate their individual abilities. My personal motto is “Let’s make efforts to the fullest.” New innovative ideas are born when a diversity of people can voice their opinions to the fullest regardless of their age, gender, or job title. Making efforts to the fullest will lead us to our next stage even if we fail. I am condent this approach will denitely raise employee motivation and improve Chubu Electric Power’s business performance.Multiplying the respective values of each new external partner and providing services that are closely matched to each customer will enable growth. In keeping with our corporate slogan of 〝むすぶ。ひらく。〟 (Musubu. Hiraku.), the Chubu Electric Power Group promises to create new value that opens up the future together with our stakeholders by connecting customers to custom-ers, customers to society, and customers and society to the Chubu Electric Power Group.*1. This is a business that provides various values such as reducing energy costs for customers and avoiding curtailment of renewable energy output by consolidating distributed energy resources and demand using communication technology and regulating the volume of electricity ow by adjusting the amount of electricity used and instructing storage batteries to be charged and discharged.*2. Carbon dioxide Capture, Utilization and Storage*3. Safety, Energy security, Economic efciency, Environmental conformityUtilizing the Hamaoka Nuclear Power Station with the highest priority on ensuring safetyP37Building a business foundation that utilizes diversity5Top CommitmentTop CommitmentValue CreationClimate ChangeStrategyBusiness ActivitiesGovernanceHuman ResourcesFinancial / Corporate Data14Chubu Electric Power Group Report 2021

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