Chubu Electric Power Group Report 2021(Integrated Report)

16Chubu Electric Power Group Report 2021From the Chubu region to the worldThe Chubu region has a balanced industrial structure, boasting abundant nature and a thriving agriculture sector and industries. Taking advantage of such characteristics, we believe that the region can quickly proceed with the promotion of a recycling-oriented society and the introduction of self-distributed systems under the collaboration among industry, government and academia, and ultimately move forward with the transition to a carbon-free society. The Chubu Electric Power Group will provide the foundation and community to support the promotion and introduction of these, and together with local residents, will disseminate these initiatives taken in the Chubu region to the rest of Japan and the world.Promote the introduction of recycling-oriented and self-distributed systemsAbundant water resourcesAbundant land and natureConcentrated manufacturingindustry and advanced technologiesProximity to work and residencesSituated in the center of the country withkey transportation hubsBalanced industrial structure• Foundation for introducing distributed power sources such as solar power and hydropower• Higher-added value such as suburban horticultural agriculture that utilizes the region’s warm climate• Possibility of using agricultural biomas• Utilization of a diverse concentration of supply chains such as those of components manufacturers• Innovation such as development of fuel cell components• Besides manufacturers, there are also numerous recycling companies• Utilize a decentralized regional structure centered on cities• Create convective ows and interchanges of people, goods and information• Strengthen collaboration and functions among universities and promote globalization• Strengthen disaster prevention capabilities (resilience) through collaboration among bases and wide-region supplementationPotentialOptimization of production, consumption and reuseRecycled use of resources and energy A viable and resilient regionMieAichiShizuokaNaganoGifuCharacteristics of the Chubu RegionLooking toward 2050Recycling-orientedsocietyDecarbonizationSafe and secure16Chubu Electric Power Group Report 2021Top CommitmentValue CreationClimate ChangeStrategyBusiness ActivitiesGovernanceHuman ResourcesFinancial / Corporate Data

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