Chubu Electric Power Group Report 2021(Integrated Report)

Initiatives for Zero Emissions Challenge 2050The task of realizing a carbon-free society needs to be tackled by society as a whole. The Chubu Electric Power Group will take up a challenge of decarbonizing energy we provide by further increasing our use of renewable energy, utilizing next-generation nuclear reactors, putting hydrogen technology into practical use and implementing carbon recycling technology. At the same time, we will make joint efforts with customers and society for electrication and decarbonization of energy use, including utilization of unused energy such as waste heat, decarbonization of thermal energy and a complete reform of the energy consumption process. Additionally, we will further increase the level of sophistication of self-distributed systems that connect these power sources with customers. As these initiatives will lead to a change in the social structure itself, we will proactively capture the resulting innovations and other business opportunities and further accelerate our efforts in this area. Value Creation ProcessElectricity consumption accounts for about 1/4 of the nal energy consumption, and it is necessary to strive not only on electricity but also on energy as a whole for decarbonization .HydropowerOffshorewind powerSolar powerNuclearCarbonrecyclingAmmoniaFossil fuelsHydrogenCCUSSecure regulating capacityThermal power generationMake reusable energy a mainstream energyElectrification and decarbonization with customers and communitiesDecarbonization of energy providedAccelerate renewableenergy developmentwith customersChubu Electric Power Group also contribute to reducing CO2 emissions in fields other than electric power through electrification and enhanced efficiency.Expand use ofrenewableenergy powersourcesSolutions suchas energyconversionBuilding frameworksfor easier use of energyEnergy SavingEnergy CreationEnhance efficiency of energy useCreate and utilizerenewable energy sourcesTriad consisting of “energy saving”, “energy creation” and “energy activation”Pursue safety,stability andefficiency through aself-distributedsystem Present2050(kJ)Electri ficationEfficiencyPresent2050Net zero (kWh)CO2 emissionsCoal and LNGRenewableenergyNuclearRenewable energyHydrogenAmmonia* Carbon dioxide Capture, Utilization and StorageElectrification and enhanced efficiency of energy consumptionDecarbonization (composition of generated power)Geothermalpower • Promote a balance between “solving issues concerning customers’ enriched lives and their business issues” and “decarbonization” together with communities and customers.• Maximum use of non-fossil energy• Commercialization of next-generation technology and decarbonization of fossil fuelsEnergy ActivationRealizedecarbonizationEnhance efficiency of energy useElectric powerOther than electric power (oil, coal, gas, etc.)25%75% Zero emissionselectricityElectric powerOther than electric powerCCUSThermalpower20Chubu Electric Power Group Report 2021Top CommitmentValue CreationClimate ChangeBusiness ActivitiesStrategyGovernanceHuman ResourcesFinancial / Corporate Data

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