Chubu Electric Power Group Report 2021(Integrated Report)

This is the Company initiative based on national policies and the target values may be adjusted in the event the system design is changed in the future. The initiative is also premised on the steady progress of decarbonization technology and economic rationality. Metrics & TargetsTogetherwith ourcustomersPowertransmissionanddistributionPowergeneration• Strengthen wide-area interconnection of unevenly distributed renewable energy• Sophisticate and widen the area of supply and demand operations• Build and operate a distributed grid• Expand power transmission capacity and utilize storage batteries• Adopt SF6* alternative gas equipmentEnergy savingEnergy creationEnergy activation• Provide energy management services (expanding energy savings)• Diversify CO2-free menu (improve non-fossil fuel ratio)• Provide services that support electrification• Create appealing and livable communities (local production for local consumption)• Fade-out of inefficient coal-fired thermal power• Utilize high-efficiency thermal power• Develop new technologies such as ammonia/hydrogen Co-firing Commercialize and adoptinnovative technologythrough innovationEast-Westinterconnection capacity* Sulfur hexauoride A gas used as an insulator such as in substation equipment. Sulfur hexauoride is designated as a gas subject to global warming prevention and emission controls.See “Toward the realization of JERA Zero CO2 Emissions”Reduce CO2 emissions by 50% or more(approximately 32.5 million ton reduction)3,000MW (FY2027)2030Net zero CO2emissions2050Simultaneous achievement of “decarbonization” and “safety, stability, efficiency” in the entire energy infrastructureIndustry-government-academia collaborationthat leverages the potentials of the Chubu regionChubu Electric PowerGroup Solutions Innovation in theChubu regionContribute to the realization of a carbon free society• Utilize the Hamaoka Nuclear Power Plant on the premise of ensuring the safety and communities understanding• Accelerate renewable energy development (more than 2,000MW by around 2030)• Proactive investment for development of overseas renewable energy (Europe, Asia, North America)Strategic investment in renewable energy 100 billion yen Overseas 200 billion yenDeploy overseas domestic synergiesP48Enhance the efficiency of energy use in society as a wholePromote electrification and decarbonization together with customers• Decarbonization of thermal energy• Utilization of unused energy• Resource recycling businessSupply and demand adjustment forthe electric power systemUtilize zero emission thermal power• Expand the introduction of system- use storage batteries• Supply and demand adjust-ment through distributed gridUtilize next-generation technology• Build and utilize hydrogen supply chain, hydrogen production and storage• Expand ammonia/hydrogen Co-ring• Utilize CO2 offset technologiesEffective use of the grid• Self-distributed power system• Electrication of mobility• Intraregional energy sharingUtilize and apply next-generation nuclear reactors with outstanding safety• SMR • High temperature gas-cooled reactorConversion to next-generation network• Rational facility formation• Secure regulating capacity (utilize hydrogen, etc.)Further development of renewableenergy power sources• Proactively develop offshore wind power• Solar power utilizing vacant landRoadmap for Zero Emissions Challenge 2050• In realizing a carbon-free society, national and local governments, industry circles and households need to promote initiatives across the board based on their individual roles.• The Chubu Electric Power Group will contribute to the realization of a carbon-free society jointly with customers and society through innovations in the energy infrastructure.21Chubu Electric Power Group Report 2021Top CommitmentValue CreationClimate ChangeBusiness ActivitiesStrategyGovernanceHuman ResourcesFinancial / Corporate DataValue Creation Process

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