Chubu Electric Power Group Report 2021(Integrated Report)

Cultivating a greater sense of unity by sharing the corporate philosophyFor the purpose of maintaining and improving a sense of unity and facilitating a mutual understanding among the three Chubu Electric Power companies, as well as to cultivate a positive and vibrant corporate culture toward the achievement of the management vision, we held an event to provide a series of videos online for viewing by employees and hold a workshop in each workplace. In the “Omoikkiri! Talk” video sessions, the Presidents of the three Chubu Electric Power companies, President of Renewable Energy Company and General Manager of the Nuclear Power Division talked about things and spirit they want employees of the three companies to share and conveyed the frank opinions of top management to employees. During a workshop in each workplace, individual employees made an “Omoikkiri” declaration to share it with other members in the workplace.* A Japanese word that means doing things to the fullest, with all one’s energy, boldy and decisively.“Omoikkiri*!” ChudenExecutive CaravanSince FY2011, we have been conducting the Executive Caravan, an event in which executives visit workplaces to have a direct dialogue with employees. During FY2020, the caravan visited 93 locations and exchanged opinions with 713 employees. The event is designed to provide an opportunity for individ-ual employees to reacknowledge that their work is linked to our corporate philosophy and management vision and to think about how they should act through their work to contribute to custom-ers. During the event, employees explored and exchanged views with executives about their own actions from the perspective of “fullling our unwavering mission” and “creating new value,” the two elements making up our management vision.Workplace workshop“Omoikkiri! Talk” session for viewingExchanging opinions[Voices of employees]I I had thought that the corporate philosophy and management vision are far-off topics but have come to realize I can put them into prac-tice in my daily work.I Through the Executive Caravan, I again realized my action is linked to customers.[Voices of employees]I I conrmed that the corporate philosophy is taking root and that the direction we pursue remain the same even after the split offs. I was also able to have vibrant discussion with a positive keyword of “omoikkiri!.” I think these were meaningful.I I’m willing to think about what we can do following the split offs and devote efforts to my own and my department’s “omoikkiri!” ideas.I I now feel more familiar with the corporate atmosphere and culture that top management is seeking.Even after the split offs in April 2020, Chubu Electric Power, Chubu Electric Power Grid and Chubu Electric Power Miraiz (“the three Chubu Electric Power companies”) have been working with a sense of unity under the same corporate philosophy and tackling management issues to achieve the manage-ment vision. The goal is to maximize the value we provide to customers and society. While collaborating with other departments within Chubu Electric Power, the Corporate Planning and Strategy Division is playing a central role in cultivating a sense of unity through measures to increase awareness among employees how businesses of the three companies are related and to facil-itate their mutual understanding.COLUMN 26Chubu Electric Power Group Report 2021Top CommitmentValue CreationStrategyClimate ChangeBusiness ActivitiesGovernanceHuman ResourcesFinancial / Corporate Data

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