Chubu Electric Power Group Report 2021(Integrated Report)

In order to strengthen our ability to ensure wide-area interconnection, we started operating the 900-MW Hida Converter Station in March 2021. The station connects a 50HZ area (eastern Japan) and 60HZ area (western Japan), thereby increasing the interchangeable power capacity between the two areas to a total of 2,100 MW. We also plan to increase the capacity further to 3,000 MW in the future.We will offer aggregate services that provide diverse value to customers, including a reduction of their energy costs. These services use communication technology to “aggregate” information on distributed power sources, which include power sources, storage batteries, EVs and solar power generation equipment to be connected, as well as information on electricity demand, and adjust the volume of the electricity ow by regulating electricity usage and instructing charging to or discharging from storage batteries.As an effort to improve resilience, we will consider building an emergency microgrid that can operate in a self-sustained manner even when power distribution lines are disconnected from the demand area distribution system during an extraordinary disaster, by utilizing distributed power sources, such as local storage batteries, solar power generation equipment and electric vehicles (EV).Toward Providing Resilient and Optimal Energy ServicesConventionally, electricity had owed only one way from a power plant to customers’ equipment. However, the increased use of renewable energy, such as solar and wind power, has added greater complexity to the ow of electricity, making it two-way. To deal with such a change, we are working to build an Energy Platform, which is an energy supply and demand system mainly consisting of power sources, power transmission/distribution networks and customers’ equipment. It can manage energy used by customers in a resilient and optimal manner.Building an Energy PlatformStrengthening wide-area interconnectionDeploying aggregate servicesImproving resilience• Utilize accumulated surplus power to provide to general power transmission and distribution business operators an ability to regulate supply and demand.• Ensure optimal operation so as to avoid restraints on the use of renewable energy.Distrbuted gridDemand areadistribution systemDisconnect in an emergency×HydropowerStorage batteryRestrictionavoidanceRenewable energyprovidersAggregatorPropose optimal usesGeneral power transmissionand distributionbusiness operatorEffective use of power generation equipment and cost reductionOptimal use of energyEnergy savingStorage batteries andEV charging/dischargingEffective use ofrenewable energyCustomersRegulatingcapacitySolar powerWind powerUtilige ammonia Hydrogen production and storage StoragebatteryHydropowerHydropowerbulk transmissionsystemEfficient and streamlined Large-scalerenewable energy sourcesDecarbonizedthermal powerNuclearpowerRealization of ZEB *Distributed gridDC (direct current)Distributed grid* ZEB : net Zero Energy Building, ZEH : net Zero Energy HouseStorage batterySolar powerDistributed and rationalizedRealization of ZEH *Grid connection Wide-area utilizationof power sourcesRural districtsDeployment of aggregate servicesdemand areadistribution system29Chubu Electric Power Group Report 2021Top CommitmentValue CreationStrategyBusiness ActivitiesGovernanceHuman ResourcesFinancial / Corporate DataClimate Change

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