Chubu Electric Power Group Report 2021(Integrated Report)

We have established a framework whereby management led by the President analyzes and assesses nuclear safety risks, and monitors and appropriately deliberates the details of the safety measures. We have also established a system under which outside experts provide advice on these initiatives from a management and an on-site technical perspective. Previously, we had addressed problems and human errors that had materialized as risks but we have recently expanded the scope of risk assessment to various information including the status of the equipment at the power stations and observations on the activities in order to initiate improvements before the risks actually materialize, thereby preventing incidents before they occur. By also utilizing the new examination system introduced from FY2020, which focuses on voluntary safety management, we are improving safety by combining independent initiatives as a nuclear operator with regulatory activities that oversee and assess such initiatives. Strengthening governanceStrengthening risk managementWe are not only ensuring compliance with the new regulatory standards but also implementing safety improvement measures in order to minimize risks as much as possible. The Hamaoka Nuclear Power Station has always worked to improve the safety level of its operation by applying the latest knowledge. Additionally, since the accident at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station, we will not only ensure compliance with the new regulatory standards but also address risks and make efforts to minimize them, and promote voluntary and ongoing initiatives to improve safety. Activities to reduce risks• Governance structure• (On-site) Initiatives to reduce risk within the power station (image) TOPICSImproving performanceTo address risks before they materialize, it is important that we heighten our awareness and enhance our attitude toward taking improvement actions. As one effort to increase an ability to recognize risks on-site, we have “visualized” specic examples of points to focus and matters to be pointed out during on-site observations in each eld, including work safety, maintenance and radiation safety. By utilizing these visualized examples, we are striving to improve our sensitivity to risks and instill and entrench risk management within the Chubu Electric Power Group.* ATENA: Atomic Energy Association, JANSI: Japan Nuclear Safety Institute, and WANO: World Association of Nuclear OperatorsInitiatives toward Utilization of the Hamaoka Nuclear Power StationEfforts to increase safetyRisks that still remainOff-site measuresProbability of trouble, accidents, and other occurrencesEven ifa problem takes place,Even ifthe problem leads toan accident,Evenin the event of a reactor core meltdown,1234Prevent the occurrence of any problemsIn addition to using designs with sufcient margin for error, maintain quality.Prevent any problem from developing into an accidentIdentify trouble early, stop reactor operation, and take other countermeasures.Be prepared for an accident; prevent an accident from escalating into a severe accidentPrevent substantial and serious meltdowns of reactor cores (grave accidents) with diverse and overlapping countermeasures.Mitigate the impact of a severe accidentUndertake exible countermeasures that utilize highly-mobile equipment, including portable power sources as well as water injection and heat removal equipment.ExecutivesPresidentAppropriate management decisions contributingto nuclear safety improvementContinuous safety improvement atthe Hamaoka Nuclear Power StationExternal opinionsand evaluationsFrom a management point of viewFrom a technical point of viewHamaoka Nuclear SafetyAdvisory Board(Since October 2017)Nuclear Safety ImprovementCommittee Advisory Board(Since September 2014)Internal information andrisk evaluationStrengthening risk managementStrengthening risk communicationInternal and externalcommunicationCorporate Communication DivisionConrmation and assessment ofrisk mitigation initiativesNuclear Power DivisionATENA*JANSIWANOCooperationUtilization of third-partyreviews by voluntaryregulatory bodiesNuclear RiskResearchCenterCooperationPreparation against nuclear riskNuclear SafetyImprovement Committee(Since June 2014)RiskanalysisImplementationof measuresRiskassessmentIdenticationof risk38Chubu Electric Power Group Report 2021Top CommitmentValue CreationStrategyClimate ChangeBusiness ActivitiesGovernanceHuman ResourcesFinancial / Corporate Data

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