Chubu Electric Power Group Report 2021(Integrated Report)

Power source development to solve power shortageAt the time of foundation, we faced a serious problem of power shortage. The Power Source Development Division was formed immediately to formulate a basic plan and to start the development of new power sources.Stable supply that supports high economic growthIn this era after the postwar recovery, large-scale power source develop-ment, primarily from oil thermal power generation together with an expansion of transmission systems, was promoted to meet the increasing demand for electricity accompanying the high economic growth.Promote efcient use of energy and load balancingOn the back of a calmer oil situation and changes in how customers use electricity, we promoted electric water heaters that heat water during the night as well as 200V appliances such as electromagnetic cookers. We also engaged in PR activities to promote efcient use of energy and load balancing.Respond to the oil crisisPromote diversication of power sourcesDue to electricity shortages caused by the oil crisis and severe pollution, a growing need to review dependence on oil thermal power and move towards diversied power sources arose. This resulted in the introduction of cleaner energies such as nuclear power and liqueed natural gas (LNG) thermal power.Our 70 Years HistoryOvercoming numerous challenges since its foundation, Chubu Electric Power has grown together with the development of the Chubu region, which plays a central role in manufacturing in Japan.1951Foundation of Chubu Electric PowerShin-Nagoya Thermal Power Station (1959)Hamaoka Nuclear Power Station Unit 1 (1976)Chita Thermal Power Station Units 5 and 6 (1978)Ikawa Hydroelectric Power Station (1957)500 kV Seibu trunk line was constructed (completed in 1972)[ History of Chubu Electric Power ]Exhibition for water heaters and 200V appliances (1989)03Chubu Electric Power Group Report 2021

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