Chubu Electric Power Group Report 2021(Integrated Report)

From upstream fuel business and procurement through power generation and wholesaling of electricity and gasSynergy in FY2020Approx. 45 billion yenIntegration Synergy Effect(Afliate accounted for under the equity method)JERA Co., Inc.Efforts• Strengthen domestic power source portfolio through replacement (LNG thermal power generation)• Gas-to-Power (LNG sales channel expansion)• Flexible Supply Source (LNG assurance)• Trading business scope/opportunity expansion• Introduce JERA-way O&M to all own thermal power plants and achieve enhanced agility and operational efciency• Large-scale renewable energy (Offshore wind power)Goals in 2025Consolidated Net Prot JPY200 billion Credit Rating of A-grade or higher• Develop domestic replacement: 7–9GW (5 to 7 sites)• Win Gas to Power project• LNG eet: Around 25 vessels• Equity output of renewable energy: 5GW• LNG transaction volume: Around 35 MTPA• Operation/maintenance of power plants: Equivalent to 80GW globally• Reduce O&M cost by 20% (vs. current TEPCO/Chubu)• Shorten the time needed for regular inspection: –50%Risks• Escalating climate change• Decarbonization• Increasing electric power and gas sales competition • Grid destabilizes (Renewable energy expansion)Opportunities• Energy demand growth in Asia• Shift to gas• Renewable energy innovation• Increasing electric power and gas sales competition • Creation of markets and introduction of systems• Digitization accelerates• Actions to achieve thermal power with zero CO2 emissionsCreating a global business entity and enhancing competitiveness with the aim of achieving a balance between a stable, economical energy supply and improved corporate value. JERA ensures the optimal operation of the fuel and thermal power supply chain it owns, ranging from upstream fuel businesses (the development of gas elds and other businesses) to fuel transportation and storage (fuel terminal operation) to power generation and wholesaling and the effective use of its scale advantages for the efcient operation of the thermal power generation business. To achieve its mission, “To provide cutting edge solutions to the world’s energy issues,” and its vision of becoming a, “Global leader in LNG and renew-ables, sparking the transition to a clean energy economy,” JERA is engaged in many businesses including the Taiwan offshore wind power station business and the Bangla gas-red power business. Since publishing JERA Zero Emission 2050 in October 2020, JERA has been working to practically eliminate CO2 emissions stemming from its domestic and international businesses by 2050. JPY 100 billion/Yearwithin 5 years from integrationTaking Energy into a New Era.VisionGlobal leader in LNG and renewables, sparking the transition toa clean energy economyMissionTo provide cutting edge solutions tothe world's energy issuesInvestmentratio: 50%Investmentratio: 50%Top CommitmentValue CreationClimate ChangeStrategyBusiness ActivitiesGovernanceHuman ResourcesFinancial / Corporate Data47Chubu Electric Power Group Report 2021

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