Chubu Electric Power Group Report 2021(Integrated Report)

Practice of Environmental ManagementThe Chubu Electric Power Group will practice appropriate environmental management, and each and every one of our employees shall exercise discipline and act in an envi-ronmentally conscious manner. We will contribute to the sustainable development of society through implementa-tion of initiatives in all aspects of energy value chain aim-ing to achieve a carbon-free and recycling-oriented society that is in harmony with nature. To accelerate these initiatives, we revised the Chubu Electric Power Group Basic Environmental Policy in March 2021.We carry out biodiversity-conscious business activities. For example, our ecosystem-friendly operations at construction sites and green area development at the power plants in harmony with local communities. I Development of technology for the protection of endangered species: We have worked to understand the biology and physiology of endangered species to protect the endangered species peculiar to the regions we operate within and that have been conrmed to live on the lands that we own and in the areas surrounding electric facilities. We have established technologies to enable Viola thibaudieri, Yoania ava K.Inoue & T.Yukawa, and, more recently, Aconitum kiyomiense Kadota to thrive.We work to minimize the waste we dispose by reducing the resources we consume, reducing waste, and promoting the reuse and recycling of resources. I Recycling rate of industrial and other waste: We have worked to recycle more industrial waste, recycling 95% or more of the waste we create. Recycling rate: 97.2% (FY2020)I Effective use of waste: Chuden Wing Co., Ltd. developed Mokudama, an original, environmentally friendly ball-like plant pot made from ne driftwood chips collected at Yasuoka Dam, Eco-Cement, and coal ash from JERA’s Hekinan Thermal Power Station. Chuden Wing employees with intellectually disabilities carefully and energetically make the Mokudama by hand. I The green procurement rate of consumable ofce supplies: We worked to increase our green procurement of consumable ofce supplies. Green procurement rate: 99.1% (FY2020)Biodiversity-conscious business activities Water resources are essential to our business activities. We work to ensure proper consideration of water resources sustainability in our business activities.I Forest preservation activities including the protection of watershed forests: We are engaged in activities to preserve Uchigatani Forest and other forests.I The appropriate use of water in dam operations: We work to ensure the cleanness of the running water in rivers and steams to ensure the conservation of riverine environments, for instance, we control water turbulence in our generation of hydroelectric power and manage ow discharge. I Proposals enabling customers to conserve resources: We developed RaFloM-HE*, an ultrafast ne-bubble otation separator capable of reducing water consumption and discharge. We are promoting our customers’ introduction of RaFloM-HE, particularly our industrial customers. (The device also reduces CO2 emissions and waste.) *The device uses ne bubbles (as small as 0.1 to 0.01 mm in diameter) to purify waste uids used when washing automobile components.I Water conservation in ofces and increased employee awareness of water conservation: We are engaged in water-conserving initiatives using hygiene equipment (e.g., water-conserving toilets and taps with a human-presence sensor) and disclose the amount of water used per employee. Business activities in consideration of water resources sustainabilityBusiness activities for the realization of a recycling-oriented societyChubu Electric Power GroupBasic Environmental Policy (Extract)Coexistence with nature We Will Strive toCoexist with NatureI To protect our rich natural environment, we will take into account ecosystem biodiversity and water resources sustainability as we conduct our business activities.Increased environmentalawarenessWe Will Endeavor to RaiseEnvironmental AwarenessI We will enhance communication about the environment and energy with members of the community.I We will train personnel so that they take the initiative to act in an environmentally-conscious manner and contribute to society.* For initiatives increasing environmental awareness, see page 50, “Coexistence with Local Communities.”Realization of a recycling-oriented societyWe Will Aim to Createa Recycling SocietyI We will work to reduce our consumption of resources and strive to minimize disposal volume by reducing waste as well as reusing and recycling resources.* For contributions to the realization of a carbon-free society, see page 19.Realization ofa carbon-free societyWe Will Aim to Realizea Carbon-Free SocietyMokudamaChubu Electric Power Group Basic Environmental PolicyAconitum kiyomiense KadotaEnvironmental Initiatives of Chubu Electric Power Group (Japanese version only)Top CommitmentValue CreationClimate ChangeStrategyBusiness ActivitiesGovernanceHuman ResourcesFinancial / Corporate Data49Chubu Electric Power Group Report 2021

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