Chubu Electric Power Group Report 2021(Integrated Report)

shareholders and investors is extremely important and we will further strengthen this communication.Kurihara: In decarbonization, as exemplied by VPP*2, demand response*3, and needs for electricity derived from renewable energy, Chubu Electric Power’s rela-tionship with customers and local communities is changing signicantly from back when it just unilaterally supplied electricity. Katsuno: That’s true. Accordingly, Chubu Electric Power is working in unison with local communities and cus-tomers in promoting activities for energy infrastructure, decarbonization, and a recycling-oriented society within regions. In the days ahead, I hope to rmly reinforce our connections with customers and local communities.Kurihara: Communication is extremely important because stakeholders have diverse aspects. Chubu Electric Power’s corporate culture, such as its aware-ness of trying to contribute to society and its integrity will be important. Kurihara: Regarding the rst point, human resources are valuable assets rather than just being resources. Regarding the second point, “dialogue with various stakeholders,” I think that reecting the opinions of customers, shareholders and investors, local communi-ties, business partners, and employees in company management is important. Furthermore, each type of stakeholder also has diverse perspectives. With this in mind, rst of all ensuring that the thinking of manage-ment reaches stakeholders is essential. Listening to the opinions of these stakeholders, such as the Shareholder Questionnaire*1 I saw the other day, is important. In looking at the results of this questionnaire, I saw that numerous shareholders placed importance on “stability” for the purpose of long-term share holding. However, the category of “growth potential/future potential” was not always highly evaluated. I personally believe that Chubu Electric Power can play a leading role in making contributions within the changes taking place in society and can seize these changes as oppor-tunities for growth. I also recognize that Chubu Electric Power must give shape to these strategies and initia-tives and convey these to shareholders.Katsuno: Communication with stakeholders encom-passing customers and local communities as well as and trustworthiness, are valuable features that I hope will never change. Within this corporate culture, I would like to see diverse human resources play active roles, show mutual respect, and place value on the posture of taking on challenges while exchanging opinions. Katsuno: Yes, as business changes or we reform our work styles, under this unchanging corporate culture we will maintain an awareness that each and every employee will “change anew every single day” while we take on challenges and skillfully connect our vision, business plans for each business area and each person’s own roles. The Chubu Electric Power Group is connected to all stakeholders. We will focus on deepening communi-cation with stakeholders and redouble our efforts to create value together as we work toward the realization of our “Corporate Philosophy” of delivering energy that is indispensable for lives and contributing to the devel-opment of society. *2. Virtual Power Plant: A mechanism for remote and integrated control of distributed energy resources such as storage batteries, electric vehicles, air conditioners, and heat pump water heaters using advanced energy management technology that utilizes IoT*3. Demand response: A mechanism in which surplus power generated by controlling the use of electricity specied by the electric power user is utilized for supply and demand regulationResults of the Shareholder Questionnaire (Japanese version only) Results:*1. Dialogue between the Chairman of the Board of Directors and an external directorTop CommitmentValue CreationClimate ChangeStrategyBusiness ActivitiesGovernanceHuman ResourcesFinancial / Corporate Data54Chubu Electric Power Group Report 2021

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