Chubu Electric Power Group Report 2021(Integrated Report)

Chubu Electric Power Group at a GlanceProviding services to households and business customersPower generationPower transmission/distributionProviding electric power network servicesFrom fuel upstream and procurement to power generationSale of electricity and gas Providing various services along with energySales results, etc. (Chubu Electric Power Miraiz)Electrical energy sold110.7 TwhGas and LNG sold970 thousand tonsCO2 emissions/Emission intensity in electrical energy sales41.74 million tonCO2 emission intensity0.377 kg-CO2/kWhCO2Power transmission/distribution facilities (Chubu Electric Power Grid) As of March 31, 2021 FY2020Transmission line length12,004 kmNumber of supporting structures (iron tower, etc.) 35,072 unitsNumber of substations 1,010 locationsTransmission line length135,358 kmNumber of supporting structures (utility poles, etc.) 2,854,781 unitsCommunication lines52,191 kmPower generation facilities (Chubu Electric Power)Hydroelectric power 1975,463 MWRenewable Energy 5 locations 87.5 MWWind power 1 location 22 MWSolar power3 locations16.5 MWBiomass 1 location 49 MWNuclear 1 location3,617 MWCoordinating and controlling the Group as a whole to ensure overall optimization from the medium- to long-term perspectiveRenewable Energy BusinessNuclear power business, etc.Financial / Corporate DataOperating Revenues2,935.4 billion yen Net Income Attributable to Shareholders of the Parent Company147.2 billion yenOperating Income145.6 billion yenElectrical Energy Sold including group companies117.1 billion kWhOrdinary Income192.2 billion yenSales of gas and LNG including group companies1,110 thousand tonNumber of Employees As of March 31, 2021Consolidated28,238 personsMain business companiesChubu Electric Power3,092 personsChubu Electric Power Grid9,923 personsChubu Electric Power Miraiz1,165 persons▶P47▶P43▶P41▶P45▶P37FY2020 resultsRenewable energyAs of March 31, 2021 05Chubu Electric Power Group Report 2021

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