Chubu Electric Power Group Report 2021(Integrated Report)

Once a year, Chubu Electric Power surveys all directors and auditors on the makeup, operations, governance, and other aspects of the Board of Directors, and all directors and auditors discuss and exchange opinions based on the survey results. Based on these results, the Board of Directors analyzes and assesses their own effectiveness in order to conrm that it is effec-tively steering the company toward sustainable growth and greater corporate value in the medium to long term. We will continue efforts for further improvements to raise the effectiveness of the Board of Directors.Initiatives since the past• Wide-ranging discussions by members possessing diverse expertise and experience• Enhancement of deliberations at the Board of Directors by explaining the agenda items in advance and taking other measures Future initiatives• Deliberations that further emphasize the value required by stakeholders (customers/local communities, shareholders/investors, business partners, employees)• Enrich deliberations based on the assumption of discussions among human resources with high-level specializations• Improve strategic aspects that combine long-term and short-term perspectivesChubu Electric Power determines the composition and scale of the Board of Directors upon comprehensively considering various management issues such as enhancing deliberations at the Board of Directors, quick management decision-making, director supervision functions, as well as the attainment of “achievement of our unwavering mission” and “creating new value” that are set forth in the Chubu Electric Power Group’s Management Vision and contributions to the realization of a carbon-free society while also considering the balance of knowledge, abilities, eld of expertise, and practical experience of each director. The expertise and experience required of Directors and Corporate Auditors are disclosed as a skill matrix.Assessing the effectiveness of the Board of DirectorsChubu Electric Power provides training in management, accounting and nance, legal affairs, and other areas to newly appointed cor-porate directors and auditors, and periodically organizes events such as presentations given by attorneys, CSR seminars spear-headed by experts, and other learning opportunities. Newly appointed external directors and auditors receive brief-ings on management policies, business issues, and other aspects unique to Chubu Electric Power. And, after assuming their new posi-tions, they visit the company’s important facilities and receive brief-ings from departments on their operations in order to deepen their understanding of Chubu Electric Power’s business and operations.Policy on director and auditor trainingComposition of the Board of DirectorsU Skills matrixNamePosition in the CompanyDirectors’ and auditors’ outstanding expertise, experienceCorporate ManagementFinance / AccountingLegalRisk ManagementTechnologies Contributing to Electric Power SupplyDX (Digital transformation) / Business DevelopmentMarketingInternationality / DiversityKatsuno Satoru Chairman of the Board of DirectorsHayashi KingoPresident & DirectorMizutani Hitoshi Director, Executive Vice PresidentIto HisanoriDirector, Senior Managing Executive OfcerIhara IchiroDirector, Senior Managing Executive OfcerOotani ShinyaDirectorHashimoto TakayukiDirector (external)Shimao TadashiDirector (external)Kurihara Mitsue Director (external)Kataoka AkinoriSenior Corporate Auditor (full-time)Terada ShuichiCorporate Auditor (full-time)Hamaguchi MichinariCorporate Auditor (external)Nagatomi FumikoCorporate Auditor (external)Takada HiroshiCorporate Auditor (external)* The foregoing table shows up to three major expertise and experience of each person so that the table is not an exhaustive list of his/her expertise and experience.Top CommitmentValue CreationClimate ChangeBusiness ActivitiesHuman ResourcesFinancial / Corporate DataStrategy59Chubu Electric Power Group Report 2021GovernanceCorporate Governance

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