Chubu Electric Power Group Report 2021(Integrated Report)

Risk ManagementAt Chubu Electric Power, the president of each company and the general manager of each department in the headquarters are responsible (risk owners) for the management of business execution risks. Among such risks, risks with a signicant impact on manage-ment are regularly reported to the Risk Management Department. The Risk Management Department reports to the Risk Management Committee chaired by the President on risks that are managed in an integrated manner from the perspective of the entire company based on the reports from the risk owners. The risk response policy is deliberated and decided by the President at the Risk Management Committee and the risk owners reect the response pol-icy in their annual management plans and risk countermeasures. With respect to the risks involving Group companies, each company understands and assesses their risks, and those that are deemed to have a serious effect on management will be deliberated upon and reported regularly together with management measures to Chubu Electric Power. The presidents of Chubu Electric Power Grid Co., Inc. and Chubu Electric Power Miraiz Co., Inc. act also as risk owners men-tioned above.Chubu Electric Power believes that risk management should be conducted in an integrated manner with business execution, rather than separately from business execution for its own purposes. For this reason, we conduct risk management also through the formulation cycle of corporate management plans as well as business plans of each business execution department. In this manner, we make sure that risk management is conducted properly to help the Group achieve continuous and stable business development.U Risk management owRisk identicationThe president of each company and the general manager of each department in the headquarters are responsible for the identication of business execution risks as risk ownersIntegrated risk management Deliberation and decision on risk mitigation policies• The risk management department identies and assesses risks that could have serious effects on management in an integrated manner• The Risk Management Committee deliberates on risk mitigation policies and the president makes the nal decision.Facility-related risks, such as natural disasters /Risk of increasing competition / Environmental regulation risk /Market risks / Cyber-risks / Compliance risks …Companies, ofces, departments, and business companiesBoard of DirectorsRisk Management CommitteeIntegrated risk managementDeliberation and President’s decision onrisk mitigation policiesRisk ownerRisk identification / Business executionRisk reportingRisk-handling policies, etc.U Risk management organizationManagement of risks that could have a serious impact on the companyExamination/decision stages for importantindividual projects such as investmentThe Risk Management Committee determines response policies when necessaryImplementation DepartmentSenior Executive CommitteeBoard of DirectorsRisk Management DepartmentImplementation DepartmentRisk Management DepartmentRisk Management CommitteeBoard of DirectorsBusiness executionConfirmation of status for each individualproject after investment (every six months)Examination of important individual projects, evaluation of investment details based on investment evaluation criteriaVerification and evaluation of risks, etc.(Create/attach evaluation report)Status report/countermeasure planning execution• Strategy attainment status• Investment recovery (synergy) status/outlook• Determine whether or not there is a conflict with the withdrawal consideration criteria• State of project progress• Changes in major risksDeliberationResolutionMonitoring• Quarterly identication and assessment of changes in risks• Risk mitigation policies are deliberated and reected in risk mitigation measures as necessaryDevelopment and implementation of risk mitigation measures (business execution)Risk mitigation policies are reected in business plans and risk mitigation measures for executionRegarding individual projects such as investments, risks are properly managed through risk evaluation at the time of decision-making by the Risk Management Department and through regular status con-rmations and countermeasure instructions by the Risk Management Committee and the Board of Directors following the execution of these investments.Management of risks associated with individual projects, such as investmentsU Flow of risk management and status conrmation of important individual projects such as investmentsTop CommitmentValue CreationClimate ChangeStrategyBusiness ActivitiesGovernanceHuman ResourcesFinancial / Corporate Data62Chubu Electric Power Group Report 2021

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