Chubu Electric Power Group Report 2021(Integrated Report)

Internal Control SystemInformation on ShareholdingsChubu Electric Power reviews its internal control system for improvements with regard to the matters prescribed in “Systems for Ensuring Proper Conduct of Business Operations,” which prescribes the underlying principles of internal control system improvements, and implements necessary changes from time to time in view of, among others, changes in the business environment. The status of the design and the operation of the internal control system is reported annually to the Board of Directors. Chubu Electric Power Grid and Chubu Electric Power Miraiz also have established and properly design and operate their own “Systems for Ensuring Proper Conduct of Business Operations” in the same manner as Chubu Electric Power. With regard to internal controls at the Group level, Chubu Electric Power has established a department that oversees Group companies, which is responsible for the formulation of management strategies and policies concerning Group companies and the business administration of them. In addition, our Internal Audit Office conducts internal audits of Group companies by providing support to help Group companies design and operate their internal controls. As part of our responses to the reporting system for internal controls over financial reporting under the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act, we have developed and operate mechanisms to visualize, verify, and assess important processes related to financial reporting.[Investment securities classification standards and approach]The Company classies investment securities held for the purpose of receiving prots solely from changes in the value of shares or dividends related to shares as investment stocks for pure investment purposes and other investment secu-rities for purposes other than pure investments as investment stocks for purposes other than pure investment.[Investment securities for purposes other than pure investment]U Holding policies, methods for verifying the rationality of holdings, and contents that have been veried by the Board of Directors, etc. concerning the appropriateness of holding shares of individual companiesThe Company holds only those listed shares judged to contribute to raising the Group’s corporate value from a medium- to long-term perspective, such as those companies that contribute to the business operations of the Company and the development of the region. Every year, the Board of Directors veries the suitability of holding listed policy stocks after considering economic rationality and the signicance of holding these.[Investment securities held for pure investment purposes]No applicable sharesNumber of issues (issues)Total amount recorded on the balance sheets (million yen)Unlisted stocks12290,016Stocks other than unlisted stocks2668,139U Number of issues and amounts recorded on the balance sheetsNumber of issues (issues)Total acquisition price for the increased number of shares (million yen)Reasons for the increase in the number of sharesUnlisted stocks2241Investment to improve the corporate value of the GroupStocks other than unlisted stocks———(Stocks for which the number of shares increased in the current scal year)Number of issues (issues)Total selling price related to the decrease in the number of shares (million yen)Unlisted stock1841Stocks other than unlisted stocks2402(Stocks for which the number of shares decreased in the current scal year)(Note) Stocks for which the number of shares increased or decreased in the current scal year do not include stocks that uctuated due to reverse stock splits, stock splits, stock transfers, stock swaps, or merger, etc.Please see the securities report for details on individual stocks held.Chubu Electric Power’s securities report (Japanese version only)Top CommitmentValue CreationClimate ChangeBusiness ActivitiesHuman ResourcesFinancial / Corporate DataStrategy63Chubu Electric Power Group Report 2021Governance

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