Chubu Electric Power Group Report 2021(Integrated Report)

CSR-conscious ProcurementChubu Electric Power Group Basic Procurement Policy1 Total Compliance(1) We perform our work duties in strict compliance with all laws, rules and corporate ethics.(2) We practice respect for human rights (prohibit child labor and forced and compulsory labor, avoid discrimination, etc.), carefully manage personal and confidential information, protect intellectual property rights, and so on.2 Safety AssuranceUnderstanding that safety takes priority over all else, we endeavor to prevent occupational accidents and injuries and ensure public health and safety.3 Mitigate Environmental BurdenCooperating with our suppliers, we work to mitigate environmental burden by practicing green procurement, among other mea-sures, and help to build and establish a recycling society.4 Open Door PolicyWe provide access to both Japanese and foreign companies, based on our open door policy, so that we may do business with suppliers with superior technical expertise who can provide quality products and satisfactory service.5 Fair and Honest ProcurementWe transact fair and honest business in the procurement of materials, equipment and so on, basing our decisions on economic rationality while assessing each supplier comprehensively for its prices, product quality, performance, safety, ability to meet delivery and construction deadlines, after-sale service, technical expertise, production capacity, business administration, safety management system and stance on corporate social responsibility (CSR), among others.6 Work in Partnership(1) At Chubu Electric, we regard each of our suppliers as an important partner with whom we seek mutual growth.(2) Through open communication and fair and sincere transactions with our partner suppliers, we form stronger trust-based relationships and seek to cooperate with our suppliers to contribute to the sustainable development of society.What We Ask of Our Partners1 Total Compliance(1) Comply with all laws, rules and corporate ethics(2) Practice respect for human rights (prohibit child labor and forced and compulsory labor, avoid discrimination, etc.)(3) Carefully manage personal and confidential information(4) Protect intellectual property2 Safety Assurance(1) Build an internal control system concerning safety and provide appropriate training to personnel(2) Practice thorough safety management when working onsite (prevent occupational accidents and injuries, ensure public health and safety, ensure hygiene, and promote health)3 Mitigate Environmental Burden(1) Build an internal control system concerning the environment and provide appropriate training to personnel(2) Promote green procurement to contribute to low carbon and preserve biodiversity(3) Suggest ways to make materials, equipment, construction methods, etc. more eco-friendly (energy conservation, recycling, and so on)(4) Build a sustainable society through efficient use of resources and water4 Endeavor to Cut Costs(1) Endeavor to cut costs after first ensuring quality, performance, safety, etc.(2) Provide materials, equipment and construction services at competitive prices(3) Suggest ways to reduce costs of materials, equipment, construction methods, etc.5 Maintain and Improve Quality and Provide Good Service(1) Maintain and improve quality, performance, safety and technology(2) Rigorously observe delivery and construction deadlines(3) Respond promptly in the event of emergencies or disasters(4) Improve after-sales service(5) Thoroughly implement risk management(6) Develop new technology and services that can create new values6 Work in Partnership(1) Practice fair and sincere trade with Chubu Electric(2) Share comments, suggestions, etc., concerning our procurement practicesThe Chubu Electric Power Group has established the Chubu Electric Power Group Basic Procurement Policy consisting of six sections including “Ensuring full compliance” and “Ensuring safety” to ensure CSR-conscious procurement, in addition to ensuring quality and lower cost in procurement activities. We explain the contents of the policy to our business partners and request them to practice CSR as our partners with which we aim together for mutual development before starting transactions.The Chubu Electric Power Group actively discloses information to its business partners and strives to enhance communications with them. At the beginning of each scal year, we hold procurement overview brieng sessions to explain CSR-conscious procurement practices, such as management initiatives and efforts to ensure thorough compliance, in addition to disclosing relevant information, such as procure-ment plans. In November 2020, Chubu Electric Power announced “Declaration of Partnership Building” and in doing so declared it will make concentrated efforts for coexistence and mutual prosperity and new collaboration throughout its supply chain as well as ensure compliance using desirable trading practices with parent enterprises (main subcontracting enterprises) and subcontractors. Chubu Electric Power also provides various types of training for staff of procurement operations to ensure permeation of the Chubu Electric Group Basic Procurement Policy and compliance with laws, regu-lations, and corporate ethics. In working to prevent corruption and improve its partnerships, Chubu Electric Power also undertakes self-checks of its behavioral attitudes toward business partners and others and implements questionnaires for its business partners.Initiatives for our business partners Top CommitmentValue CreationClimate ChangeBusiness ActivitiesHuman ResourcesFinancial / Corporate DataStrategy65Chubu Electric Power Group Report 2021Governance

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