Chubu Electric Power Group Report 2021(Integrated Report)

Confectionery drying equipment The production of baked confectioneries such as shrimp senbei (rice crackers) faces a host of problems. These include long dry-ing time (about 50 minutes) that leads to a deterioration in the rice cracker avor and the dropping and cracking of rice crack-ers during delivery for seasoning. Chubu Electric Power’s tech-nology signicantly shortens drying times and prevents the deterioration of avor as well as the cracking of confectionery by using “drying with infrared rays and hot air,” “cooling with a blower fan,” and “seasoning with a sponge roller.”Introducing Case Studies of Solutions Developed in Collaboration with CustomersSilicone resin coating spray deviceSilicone resin coating methods consist of brushing and spraying. However, when using the spraying method, the silicone composition and the hard-ener are not uniformly mixed and quality is inconsistent, with a main prob-lem being that thick application is difcult due to hardening from the surface owing to a reaction with humidity in the air. Chubu Electric Power’s technology enables uniform and thick sili-cone coating by utilizing a silicone resin mixed solution that uniformly mixes the silicone composition and hardening agent and by using com-pressed air containing moisture for spraying while also inducing a hard-ending reaction.Intellectual PropertyPolicy on intellectual propertyU Create intellectual properties that enhance corporate valueU Safely protect and effectively use intellectual propertiesU Respect the intellectual property rights of othersThe results that the Chubu Electric Power Group produces in its business activities are important intellectual properties. Because of the drastic changes and growing complexity of the surrounding business environment, it is imperative in the power industry to strategically create, use, and protect these important intellectual properties to grow sustainably as a total energy service corporate group. For this reason, Chubu Electric Power has set forth the following policy on intellectual property and conducts intellectual property activities as outlined below.Released Patents Matching Fair 2019 (the photo is from the fair held on November 15, 2019)Conferences, etc.Details of initiativesChubu Electric PowerVisiting consultation by in-house patent attorneyAn in-house patent attorney visits our main business divisions around once per week to provide support for ensuring intellectual property is reliably protected by rights, avoiding intellectual property risk, and raising awareness about intellectual property.Intellectual property seminarsEnlightenment concerning the creation of intellectual property and improving the consciousness of preventing infringements on the intellectual property rights of otherse-LearningCourses for all employees focusing on basic knowledge about intellectual property and more practical operations Chubu Electric Power Group companiesIntellectual Property Information Exchange CommitteeVarious types of education for all 22 group companies concerning intellectual property and sharing information As part of its intellectual property activities and for the purpose of using its patents effectively and in a manner to contribute to local communities, Chubu Electric Power operates a program to release its patents (fee-based) to those companies that desire to use them.Released patents** A released patent is one that the patent holder intends to release (license) to a third partyChubu Electric Power Group Released patents (Japanese version only)Top CommitmentValue CreationClimate ChangeStrategyBusiness ActivitiesGovernanceHuman ResourcesFinancial / Corporate Data66Chubu Electric Power Group Report 2021

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