Chubu Electric Power Group Report 2021(Integrated Report)

Safety and HealthEstablishment of the Safety & Health Promotion CommitteeThe Safety & Health Promotion Committee, comprising manage-ment including the Presidents of Chubu Electric Power, Chubu Electric Power Grid, and Chubu Electric Power Miraiz, the labor unions, outside experts, and other members, is held periodically to promote initiatives on safety and health.Building a structure to encourage “the fostering of a culture of safety” and “the promotion of health management”Formulation of the Basic Safety and Health Policy and the Safety and Health Principles of ActionThe Basic Policy articulates Chubu Electric Power’s policy to create a better environment so that our work colleagues can devote them-selves to their work in a safe and healthy way and they can work actively and the Principles of Action represent a specic code of conduct for executives and employees to foster a corporate culture and workplace atmosphere that values people in order to material-ize the Basic Policy.Chubu Electric Power Group Basic Safety and Health PolicyOur basic safety and health policy, which is based on the Chubu Electric Power Group CSR Declaration, is stated below.We will continue to endeavor to create a better environment so that employees can devote themselves to their work in a safe and healthy way and achieve self-ful¬llment through their work.Safety and Health Principles of ActionAll executives and employees with the unwavering conviction,“all injuries can be prevented” and“we will remain healthy throughout our lives,”will act in the following manner at all times:Chubu Electric Power will continue to implement measures and make investments for safety and health.(1) Praise actions for safety and health and hold dialogues.(2) Utilize the lessons learned from the successes and failures of our colleagues in our own actions.(3) Identify, promptly mitigate, and manage all possible risks.(4) Improve measures both for people (awareness, education and training, and rules) and for objects (facilities and equipment).(5) Collaborate with business partners for safety and health.(6) Act safely even after working hours and strive to maintain and enhance health.Report/NotifyPolicy/SupportSafety & Health Promotion CommitteeSafety & Health Promotion Office (Secretariat)MonitoringChubu Electric Power will continually work to “establish an environment where employees can devote themselves to their work in a safe and healthy way while achieving self-realization through their jobs.” To ensure the Group is chosen by customers and continues to sustainably develop, we believe it is essential to create an environment in which diverse human resources can develop their abilities and play active roles while assuring the health and safety of employees. Safety and health not only serve as our management foundation but also represent priority management mat-ters. We will foster a culture of safety and promote health management to establish a system that allows “our col-leagues to devote themselves to their work in a safe and healthy way.” In addition, we also focus on providing training and a work environment where all human resources, including women, the elderly, and the challenged (persons with dis-abilities), can perform and nd it easy to work (can play active roles). At the same time, using the spread of the new coronavirus infection as an opportunity, we reviewed various systems to put into practice “New Workstyles” more than ever before. Chubu Electric Power will continue efforts to create workplaces where each and every one of our human resources can work energetically and exibly.Furuta ShinjiSenior Managing Executive OfcerGeneral Manager of Safety & Health Promotion Ofce and Business Service DivisionMESSAGE69Chubu Electric Power Group Report 2021Top CommitmentValue CreationClimate ChangeStrategyBusiness ActivitiesGovernanceHuman ResourcesFinancial / Corporate DataHuman Resources

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