Chubu Electric Power Group Report 2021(Integrated Report)

New WorkstylesWith the goal of achieving the Chubu Electric Power Group Management Vision, we believe that the simultaneous achievement of both Diverse Human Resources Playing Active Roles and Higher Efficiency and Quality of Work is the most important challenge we face. To do this, we are creating an environment and system that encourages employees to work energetically and flexibly in ways that achieve a healthy life-work balance through the prevalence of new workstyles, which allows employees to flexibly combine diverse workstyles and work in an optimal environment.** Based on the understanding that life (the foundation for living) is the prerequisite for employees to work actively, the Chubu Electric Power Group is working to realize life-work balance and create a working environment that enables this. In April 2021, we reviewed the working system to enable employees to combine diverse workstyles exibly to lead prosperous, satisfactory lives and increase their produc-tivity. The review resulted in the abolishment of core time which restricted employees’ use of extime. Employees are able to request intermittent work schedules from their direct superior. Our employees are now able to work from home up to half of the working days of the month. They are able to more exibly combine diverse work-styles to work from home, come to the ofce, or go on business trips. Revision of the working systemCommunications between employees and their superiors will be more important as workstyles become more exible. This is why we introduced one-on-one meetings companywide in April 2021. Employees and their superiors frequently engage in one-on-one dialogue to provide opportunities for employees to frankly discuss events in their personal lives and business matters with their superior to ensure they feel secure. Staff are expected to reect on their work, learn, and grow through the opportunity.One-on-one meetingsWe are establishing an ICT environment that enables the visualization of work progress and the condition of equipment at sites using cameras and sensors. We have realized new workstyles by reducing the number of times staff must be sent to sites, increasing efciency and promoting remote working. Utilization of ICTChubu Electric Power, Chubu Electric Power Grid, and Chubu Electric Power Miraiz introduced an electronic approval system in April 2021. This is the electronication of approval processes at the three companies. They are working to end the use of seals for docu-ments other than approvals. This helps reduce the time and resources necessary for the creation of documents and the afxing of seals and increases efciency. Abolishment of core timeStart and nish times can be chosen exibly.Employees can work from home, come to the ofce, or go on business trips Intermittent work is available!Employees are able to leave work for xed periods of time, for reasons such as childcare, education, outpatient treatment, and caregiving.* Time taken for personal reasons, including travel time, is not included in working hours.NEWNEWNEWElectronic approval and ending the use of sealsThree reforms and main tasksSystem and infrastructure reformI Revision of the working systemI Continued enhancement of IT toolsI Enhancement of health supportI Improvement of the office environment1Consciousness reformI One-on-one meetingsI Communications in remote-working environmentsI Communication measures beyond business/department2Work reformI Utilization of ICT (increase of efficiency and online implementation of on-site jobs)I Introduction of an electronic approval and ending the use of sealsI Paperless office3The camera is used on many different sites to enable employees to easily see the situation on-site even from a distant location. Remote support for work/video-based educationYou can see sites from wherever you are. Wearable cameraA variety of sensors are used to collect information for the visualization of conditions and changes. Booth vacancies are displayed visually.You can see changes at a site! Before theintroduction ofan electronicapproval systemElectronic approvalsystem introducedin April 2021.NEWCan be stored in a databaseShould be storedin cabinets. Data entryStorageStorage costsincurred.Hard to retrieve. No need to have storage places.Easy to retrieve.Created on a PCCreated on a PCDocument creationElectronic approvalon a computerPrinting/bookbinding CorrectionWork occurs every time a correction is made.Electronic approval system Electronicapprovalsystem Electronicapprovalsystem Only the re-entry of corrected data is necessary.A seal is affixed to the paperCirculated documentHuman-presence sensor in a visitor booth71Chubu Electric Power Group Report 2021Top CommitmentValue CreationClimate ChangeStrategyBusiness ActivitiesGovernanceHuman ResourcesFinancial / Corporate Data

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