Chubu Electric Power Group Report 2021(Integrated Report)

Non-current assets increased by 150.6 billion yen from the previous consolidated scal year to 5,044.8 billion yen, mainly due to an increase of long-term investments in subsidiaries and associates by posting JERA prots. Current assets increased by 34.9 billion yen from the previous consolidated scal year to 641.4 billion, mainly due to an increase of cash and deposits. Total liabilities increased by 43.9 billion yen from the previous consolidated scal year to 3,582.6 billion yen, mainly due to an increase of accrued taxes and account payable. Total net assets increased by 141.6 billion yen to 2,103.6 billion yen from the end of the previous consolidated scal year, mainly due to allocating net income attributable to own-ers of parent, in spite of paying cash dividends. As a result, the shareholders’ equity ratio was 35.7%.Cash ow from operating activities increased by 128.2 billion yen to 384.1 billion yen compared with the previous scal year, due to receiving of a dividend from JERA. Cash ow from investment activities decreased by 431.8 billion yen to -215.8 billion yen from the previous scal year, mainly due to paying adjustments to JERA and expenditures for the purchase of shares of Eneco in the previous scal year. As a result, free cash ow increased by 560.0 billion yen to 168.3 billion yen from the previous scal year. Cash ow from nancing activities decreased by 135.2 billion yen to -141.1 billion yen from the previous scal year due to a decrease in amount of nancing. Consequently, the amount of cash and cash equivalents at the end of scal year increased by 27.3 billion yen from the end of previous scal year. Total outstanding interest-bearing debt at end of scal year under review decreased by 91.4 billion yen to 2,333.6 billion yen from the end of previous scal year. With regard to capital sources and fund uidity, the group raises equipment funds required primarily to administrate the electricity business by way of issuing corporate bonds, obtain-ing bank loans, etc., and gains in short-term operation funds mainly by issuing short-term corporate bonds in principle.Capital investments amounted to 255.9 billion yen in the scal year ended March 31, 2021 as a result of our efforts to pursue a maximum level of management efciency, including slimming down of equipment, while securing a stable supply of electric power and public security throughout the entire Group in addition to making investments in non-fossil energy sources such as hydropower generation facilities and nuclear power facilities. A breakdown of the capital investments by segment is below.Analysis of Financial Standing Analysis of Cash FlowsCapital Investments(billion yen)SegmentItemCapital InvestmentsMiraiz11.3Power GridTransmission facilitiesSubstation facilitiesDistribution facilitiesOther36.161.040.916.5Total154.6Other96.7Adjustment(6.7)Grand total255.9* The above gures do not include consumption tax.l Reference: FY2020 Capital Investments (Nonconsolidated) the efforts to strengthen cost competitiveness and create new revenue sources, and an increase related to loss related to divestiture of LNG in the previous consolidated scal year.(Achievement status of management target)In March 2019, Chubu Electric Power set a new medium-term business goal of “aiming to become a group that can realize a consolidated ordinary income of 170 billion yen or more in FY2021.” Consolidated ordinary income for the current scal year amounted approximately to 169.0 billion yen after excluding the time-lag impact.(Assessment of Impact of coronavirus (COVID-19))Electricity demand in Chubu region during the current scal year decreased by 2.4% from the previous scal year due to such factors as the impact of COVID-19. The impact of COVID-19 on the operating balance in the current scal year is as described above. The decline in electricity demand in Chubu region bot-tomed out in May 2020 and demand has been on a recovery track since June onward and is exceeding the previous year’s results from January to May 2021. There are some lingering uncertainties about future impacts, such as changes in social structure due to COVID-19. Nevertheless, in view of results for the current scal year and information received from customers, we anticipate that electricity demand in Chubu region in the next scal year will increase by about 2% from the current scal year. However, if there is a further spreading or prolonging of COVID-19 or if the Group is unable to sufciently anticipate changes in the social structure or other matters, nancial standing, operating results and cash ow could potentially be affected. 300(Billion yen)20010002016201720182020306.7293.2(FY)255.92019188.5285.3Power GenerationNetwork (Power Grid)Sales (Miraiz)Othersl Capital Investments *1. From FY2020, the Power Network segment became Chubu Electric Power Grid and the Sales segment became Chubu Electric Power Miraiz. *2. Up to FY2019, the gures for Chubu Electric Power on a non-consolidated basis are stated and for FY2020 gures on a consolidated basis are stated.*3. On April 1, 2019, JERA Co., Inc. took over the thermal power generation business of Chubu Electric Power through an absorption-type company split agreement. Therefore, the amounted of investment of the power generation segment after FY 2019 is not stated. In addition, the amount of capital investment such as for renewable energy is included in “Others” from FY2019.84Chubu Electric Power Group Report 2021Top CommitmentValue CreationClimate ChangeStrategyBusiness ActivitiesGovernanceHuman ResourcesFinancial / Corporate DataManagement Discussion and Analysis of Operating Results, Financial Standing, and Cash Flows

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