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Initiatives with the Local Community "Invitation to the Forest" Activities at Uchigatani Forest

With the theme, "By cultivating forests and people, we aim for a society that coexists with nature," we involve city residents in forestry activities that we organize in our Uchigatani Forest (Gujo City, Gifu).
We hold a number of forestry activities, mainly in the Uchigatani Forest, to increase the number of "people who love water and greenery," and to help build a "society that can coexist with nature." These activities include Forest Protection Initiatives, in which people help to cultivate the forest, and Forest Contact Initiatives, where people can experience the wonder of the forest.

Aims of Our Activities

In order to fulfill our Company's obligation to act as a member of the world community, we proactively endeavor to protect the environment, including initiatives to prevent global warming. As part of these efforts, for nearly 100 years we have poured our hearts into cultivating our expansive Uchigatani Forest as a headwaters conservation forest.

Types of Activities

Forest Protection Initiatives

By fostering "Chuden Foresters," volunteers who have deep knowledge of the forest and the skills with which to thin it, and by providing "Forest Work Experiences" in which people can take part in forest protection activities, we are endeavoring to protect our regional environment.

Forest Contact Initiatives

We offer a place for participants to have contact with the forest, including nature observation, handicrafts using natural materials, and bicycling. We also foster Forest Environmental Education Leaders capable of passing on the importance of the environment through contact with the forest.

About Uchigatani Forest

One of Chubu Electric Power's predecessor companies, Nagoya Dento Co., Ltd., acquired the Uchigatani Forest in 1914. The land has been carefully managed as a headwaters conservation forest up to the present day.