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Building a Low-Carbon Society Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Emissions

Electricity is produced by thermal, nuclear, hydroelectric or other power sources. Thermal power emits CO2 as a result of burning fossil fuels, so when we use electricity, we are indirectly emitting CO2.

The amount of CO2 can be calculated as below.
CO2 emissions = CO2 emissions per kWh × electricity usage.

Electricity usage goes up and down depending on the weather and the ways in which customers use electricity. For that reason, Chubu Electric Power sets a target of reducing CO2 emissions per kWh.

Lifecycle Assessment CO2 Emissions Intensity For Japan's Energy Sources

The chart of Lifecycle Assessment CO2 Emissions Intensity For Japan's Energy Sources

Source: Graphical Flip-chart of Nuclear & Energey Related Topics 2014

The CO2 emissions intensity for FY2014

The CO2 emissions intensity for FY2014 was 0.494kg-CO2/kWh*, a 2.9% drop from FY2013.

This decline reflects the increased introduction of renewable energy, and the start of general operation at the thermal-efficient Joetsu Thermal Power Station.

Chubu Electric Power will continue its efforts to reduce CO2 emissions. To this end, we will further engage in undertakings that utilize nuclear power generation, placing top priority on securing its safety and establishing trust in the local community, introduce top-of-the-line thermal power facilities at Nishi-Nagoya Thermal Power Station Group No. 7 and Taketoyo Thermal Power Station Unit 5, and also incorporate renewable energy.

* This figure represents emissions intensity (CO2 emissions intensity following adjustment) calculated in accordance with the Act on Promotion of Global Warming Countermeasures, following adjustments associated with the feed-in tariff scheme for renewable energy and the Kyoto Mechanism credits.
The emissions intensity prior to the foregoing adjustment (pre-adjustment emissions intensity) is 0.497kg-CO2/kWh.
Based on the System for Calculation, Reporting, and Announcement of Emissions of Greenhouse Gases, the government will separately publish the figure reported by Chubu Electric Power as CO2 emissions intensity for individual electric utilities.