Chubu Electric Power Co.,Inc. | Developing Renewable Energy - Building a Low-Carbon Society

Building a Low-Carbon Society Developing Renewable Energy

Chubu Electric Power, in unison with its Group companies, is wholeheartedly pursuing the development of renewable energy in order to make a low-carbon society a reality.

Solar power
Wind power
  • Mega Solar Shimizu, Chubu Electric Power's third solar power plant, started operation in January 2015.
  • Several plants are currently being developed by a Group company.
Hydroelectric power
  • Conventional and regular water-flow release* hydroelectric power plants are developed continuously.
  • Regular water-flow release hydroelectric power plants are currently being developed by a Group company as well.
Biomass power
  • Wood biomass is co-fired with carbonized sludge in the Hekinan Thermal Power Station.
  • A pilot project for power generation using only wood biomass as fuel is currently being implemented by a Group company.
Geothermal power
  • A feasibility study is currently being conducted by a Group company.

* A type of hydroelectric power generation that utilizes water discharged from a dam for maintenance of the riverine environment at the downstream toe of the dam