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Environmental Initiatives Building a Low-Carbon Society

Chubu Electric Power is committed to contributing to building a low-carbon society with a view to mitigating global warming and other climate change problems. Intent upon fulfilling its commitment, the Company has implemented initiatives on both supply and demand, including improving thermal efficiency of thermal power stations and promoting use of renewable energy.
The Company considers securing safety as its absolute priority, and pursues the optimal energy mix from the perspective of energy security, economic efficiency and the environmental conservation ("S+3E"). We will continue to work hard to curb CO2 emissions under this policy.

Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Emissions

You can see the state of our CO2 emissions associated with electric power generation.

Use of nuclear energy

Chubu Electric Power has developed a balance of power sources, taking into account their economy, environmental burden and technological operating properties, in order to provide a stable supply of electricity to our customers.
One of the power sources we are developing that can help significantly to prevent global warming is nuclear power.

Developing Renewable Energy

Chubu Electric Power, in unison with its Group companies, is wholeheartedly pursuing the development of renewable energy in order to make a low-carbon society a reality.

Increasing Thermal Efficiency of Thermal Power Plants and Reducing Power Transmission and Distribution Loss

We are taking measures to increase the thermal efficiency of thermal power, which would enable us to generate more electricity from less fuel. These measures include introducing high-efficiency combined cycle power plants and shortening inspection periods.
Our portfolio of these types of highly efficient thermal power plants was expanded in May 2014, when Joetsu Thermal Power Station Unit 2-2 started operation. We are also working on the development of Nishi-Nagoya Thermal Power Station Unit No. 7 as one of the world's most efficient power generation facilities, targeting to start operation in fiscal 2017.
We are also conducting measures to minimize loss during the electricity distribution stage. These include setting higher transmission voltages, using low-loss fluctuation facilities, and practicing distribution system operations that seek to minimize electric power loss.

Overseas Initiatives

Global warming is an issue that needs to be dealt with on a planetary scale. Chubu Electric Power is engaged in efforts such as investing in the World Bank's Prototype Carbon Fund (PCF).