Active Development of Overseas Business

We will utilize the resources held by the Chubu Electric Power Group (power networks, sales / solutions, and renewable energy power generation) and actively develop businesses supporting local communities through infrastructure services and businesses contributing to the realization of a low-carbon society mainly in Europe, North America, and Southeast Asia.
Additionally, we will actively engage in overseas consulting business from the standpoint of contributing to emerging countries and creating future business opportunities.
Through such efforts to actively develop our overseas business, we will increase income as well as contribute to the achievement of the SDGs.

Active development of overseas business

Expand Growth Areas

In March 2020, we acquired Eneco, an integrated energy company in the Netherlands.
Eneco provides power generation, electricity/gas trading, electricity/gas retail, and district heating services centered on renewable energy mainly to the Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany. With the second largest customer base in the Netherlands, it has established itself as a green brand by holding approx. 1,200 MW in renewable energy assets and supplying 100% green electricity to the consumers.
We will regard Eneco as a platform in the European electric power business, combine it with the knowledge accumulated by the Chubu Electric Power Group, and mutually evolve our business models, to create synergy between the energy businesses in Japan and overseas and expand growth areas such as renewable energy, retail, and new services.

Expand growth areas

Major Overseas Projects

Major overseas projects

Contribute to the Achievement of the SDGs Through the Consulting Business

Through our consulting business in Asia and Africa, we will contribute to the stable supply of electric power to emerging countries and the realization of a low-carbon society, including the formulation of an electric power master plan based on the introduction and expansion of renewable energy, support for the construction of transmission and distribution facilities and reducing their loss.

Consulting to improve power distribution losses in Mozambique
Consulting to improve power distribution
losses in Mozambique

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