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Electricity Safety, Troubleshooting and Other Information Minimizing the Damage Caused by a Disaster

Japan has experienced many disasters, being one of the world's few earthquake prone countries. To prevent panic during an unforeseen disaster, we advise you to consider the following precautions.

Recommended precautions -Prepare one by one-

  • Prepare a flashlight or chargeable emergency light, etc.
  • Install a leakage breaker and check it periodically.
  • Do not put things on large electrical appliances or take measures to keep them from falling off. (Secure them firmly.)
  • Confirm your authorized emergency evacuation site.
An image of occurrence of an earthquake

Don't panic when tremors start -Check your own safety first-

  • Turn off all heating appliances and other appliances. Disconnect all sockets.
  • Switch off the service breaker before leaving to the evacuation site.
  • Do not touch hanging electric wires.
An image of how coping when tremors start

After you're safe, check these items one more time

  • Check that there is no trouble with the indoor wiring or electrical appliances.
    Electric power could be leaking from broken sockets, cords and electrical appliances which have fallen or tipped over. This is also the case for appliances that have been dipped in water. If you're not sure whether the appliances is safe, let your local electric shop check it first.
  • Do not use electricity when there is a gas leak.
    If gas smells, do not use electricity as the gas could explode. Close the gas line, open windows, and then contact your local gas company.
  • Wait until our power lines are revived.
    After an earthquake, we supply electricity only after we confirm that the electricity distribution line is safe. We hope our electricity will reach you soon after an earthquake.