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Thank you for your support of the Chubu Electric Power Group.

The Chubu Electric Power Group has been contributing to the development of customers and society by providing energy services that are essential in everyday life and stably supplying electricity.
Our current society, way of living, and environment surrounding the energy industry is in a period of dramatic change, a turning point even in the context of the Chubu Electric Power Group’s 70-year history that we’ve traveled in lockstep with our customers and society. Amidst this change, we are aiming to execute our unchanging mission of delivering energy while also creating new value by flexibly adapting to societal changes.
In the short term, the business environment is predicted to be unstable and resource prices unpredictable, but regardless of the environment, the entire value chain of the Chubu Electric Power Group, from fuel procurement to delivery of electricity to customers, will come together as a Group to execute the unchanging mission of stably delivering safe, affordable, high-quality energy that is environmentally friendly, taking into account the need for decarbonization.
In addition, with the goal of accelerating global business and creating new value, Chubu Electric Power will deliver services that enrich the customers’ lives and contribute to solving issues in the community and revitalizing the local community.
Though we believe these efforts can only succeed with the trust of customers and society, in the past few years, the Chubu Electric Power Group have been party to a range of inappropriate incidents endangering the trust. We would like to take this opportunity to deeply apologize for these incidents. Taking to heart that trust from our customers and society is at the foundation of our business operation, we will steadily implement compliance reinforcement measures and increase awareness of compliance.
As a corporate group that continues to grow with our customers and society, we will demonstrate competence in all areas of business, especially around energy to deliver the value that stakeholders seek, deliver electricity stably while putting safety above all, and work to maintain the global environment in order to contribute to the development of a sustainable society.

September 2023

Photographs of Chairman Katsuno and President Hayashi

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