Human Resources (Diversity)

Initiatives for Creating Better Workplaces so Everyone Advances and Contributes

Raising Managers’ Awareness (Smart Boss Declaration)

A “smart boss” is a leader who makes the most of human resources, time and systems to create a vibrant workplace. In order to promote a better life-work balance, each and every employee needs to find the most appropriate style for him or her to work and demonstrate their capabilities to the greatest extent within the constraints of a limited workforce and time. The key person for achieving this is the “smart boss.” Chubu Electric Power has promoted a policy of having our top officers and executives commit to the Smart Boss Declaration and become “smart bosses.”

Creating Workplaces Full of Gratitude

When people complement and acknowledge each other, it creates a positive cycle in the workplace. Chubu Electric Power has been promoting such initiatives to create workplaces where are able to enthusiastically engage in their work.
At Chubu Electric Power, the 10th of every month is “Thank You Day.” We have been continually working to actively raise awareness about expressing gratitude with such initiatives.

External Assessment Regarding Human Resources

We have received high ratings from both the national and local governments regarding our overall efforts for our human resources. These efforts include efforts for diversity including the utilization of our female employees, support for employees raising children, and health management support.

External Assessment Regarding Human Resources

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