Rules on Information Management and Disclosure

Chubu Electric Power established the "Compliance Committee" and formulated the "Chubu Electric Power Group Basic Corporate Governance Policy," as well as "8 Codes of Conduct" to be complied with as a "Good Corporate Citizen" to gain the trust and support of customers, local communities, shareholders, investors, and other stakeholders. One of the codes is "Assurance of appropriate information disclosure and transparency," and we are striving to strictly manage important corporate information and disclose it in a timely and appropriate manner.

Strict Information Management

As a comprehensive energy company with a public interest mission, Chubu Electric Power has an important social responsibility to properly handle and protect information assets and others received from customers, including individuals and corporations. We established "Rules on Information Management" and we conduct continuous education to employees, manage information assets according to risk, manage outsourcing appropriately, comply with legal requirements, etc., and respond promptly to information leaks for the purpose of safely managing information based on our information management promotion system.
To ensure that information in our IT systems is secure, we established a company-wide risk management system to address risks of power supply disruption or information leakage due to cyber attack or other threats. We continuously conduct training and other exercises adopting cyber attack scenarios and have implemented a variety of security measures based on risk assessments.
In addition, we have established the Chubu Electric Power Group and Group IT Promotion Council and continue to implement measures, such as awareness-raising activities for our group companies.

Prohibition of Insider Trading, etc.

Chubu Electric Power established "Rules on Insider Trading Management" for preventing insider trading, and prohibit insider trading and communication of insider information by executives and employees when they become aware of insider information of the Company or other listed companies in connection with their duties. We also established a system for reporting and managing corporate information subject to insider trading.
We raise awareness about managing insider information through internal education and other means when engaging with shareholders.

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