Procurement by Chubu Electric Power

What We Ask of Our Partners

At Chubu Electric, every supplier is an important partner with whom we seek mutual growth. We seek to form relationships built on trust and create stronger partnerships with our suppliers so that the entire supply chain can jointly fulfill its corporate social responsibility (CSR) and contribute to the sustainable development of society. To meet this goal, we ask that each supplier first understand our basic policy on procurement and then put the following six points into practice. We would also like to ask each supplier to request any interested parties for cooperation in practicing the same.

  • Comply with all laws*1, rules and corporate ethics
  • Practice respect for human rights*2 (prohibit child labor and forced and compulsory labor, avoid discrimination, etc.)
  • Carefully manage personal and confidential information
  • Protect intellectual property
  • Build an internal control system concerning safety and provide appropriate training to personnel
  • Practice thorough safety management when working onsite (prevent occupational accidents and injuries, ensure public health and safety, ensure hygiene, and promote health)
  • Build an internal control system concerning the environment and provide appropriate training to personnel
  • Promote green procurement to contribute to low carbon and preserve biodiversity
  • Suggest ways to make materials, equipment, construction methods, etc. more eco-friendly (energy conservation, recycling, and so on)
  • Build a sustainable society through efficient use of resources and water
  • Endeavor to cut costs after first ensuring quality, performance, safety, etc.
  • Provide materials, equipment and construction services at competitive prices
  • Suggest ways to reduce costs of materials, equipment, construction methods, etc.
  • Maintain and improve quality, performance, safety and technology
  • Rigorously observe delivery and construction deadlines
  • Respond promptly in the event of emergencies or disasters
  • Improve after-sales service
  • Thoroughly implement risk management*3
  • Develop new technology and services that can create new values
  • Practice fair and sincere trade with Chubu Electric
  • Share comments, suggestions, etc., concerning our procurement practices

*1 "Laws" include laws and social norms related to work, human rights, etc., that should be complied with to fulfill social responsibilities, such as the Civil Code, the Commercial Code, the Companies Act, the Antimonopoly Act, the Intellectual Property Basic Act, the Act on the Protection of Personal Information, the Construction Industry Law, the Subcontract Act, the Waste Management and Public Cleansing Law, the Construction Material Recycling Law, eliminating illegal employment and unpaid wages, eliminating unjustifiable discrimination related to employment, and suppressing long work hours.

*2 "Practice respect for human rights" includes respecting basic human rights without discrimination or harassment.

*3 "Thoroughly implement risk management" means understanding/evaluating risks related to procurement activities and taking appropriate measures, and quick and appropriate responses when a serious risk is identified.

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