Apply to Be a New Supplier

Registration Procedure

New Suppliers Registration Procedure

1. "Company Profile" Form

If you wish to do business with Chubu Electric, please confirm the details of basic specifications of the concerned item first, then complete and send us "Company Profile" form, along with your company brochure(s) and product catalog(s).

2. Detailed Specifications

Upon examining your "Company Profile" form, we will provide the detailed specifications of concerned the item to parties with whom we wish to exchange further information.

3. Submission of Documents

If, upon examining the detailed specifications provided, you decide that you are capable of manufacturing the concerned item, please send us your company's reference estimates, financial statements and other information requested.

4. Selection of New Suppliers

Selection of new suppliers will be made by evaluating the submitted documents and information in terms of technical capability, quality control status, management condition and so forth.

(Go on to (5) if your concerned item is a type-specified item; otherwise, skip to (6).)

5. Form Inspection

In addition to the above evaluation in (4), suppliers wishing to provide type-specified items must undergo our type certification test.
Applicants that pass the type certification test are further subject to step (6) of the procedures.

6. Registration

Companies selected as new suppliers are requested to follow the registration procedure.



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