Chubu Electric Power Group Report (Integrated Report)

This report is issued as an integrated report that provides comprehensive coverage of both financial and nonfinancial information. The purpose of this report is to report the actual performance of the reporting period as results of our business activities and provide understanding of the sustainable growth process of the Chubu Electric Power Group and its feasibility.

Chubu Electric Power Group Report 2023 (Integrated Report)

Chubu Electric Power Group Report 2023 (Integrated Report)

About Us

  • Contents
  • Editorial Policy
  • History of Chubu Electric Power
  • Chubu Electric Power Group at a Glance
  • Financial and Non-Financial Highlights

Value Creation

  • Top Commitment
  • Aiming for a Higher Level of Social Trust
  • Chubu Electric Power Group Corporate Philosophy
  • For Providing Value Desired by Stakeholders
  • Materiality (Material Issues) for the Chubu Electric Power Group
  • Value Creation Process
  • Chubu Electric Power Group Management Vision 2.0 and Medium-term Management Plan
  • CFO Message
  • Realizing Management with an Awareness of Cost of Capital and Stock Price (toward Improving PBR)
  • Progress of Chubu Electric Power Group Medium-term Management Plan
  • Providing Safe, Affordable and Stable Energy
  • Human Resources Strategy
  • Promotion of Digital Transformation (DX) in the Chubu Electric Power Group
  • Promotion of Kaizen activities
  • Technology Research and Development and Intellectual Property
  • Disclosure Based on TCFD Recommendations

Business Activities

  • Toward Improving the Safety and Reliability of the Hamaoka Nuclear Power Station
  • Renewable Energy Business
  • Chubu Electric Power Grid Co., Inc.
  • Chubu Electric Power Miraiz Co., Inc.
  • Global Business
  • New Growth Fields
  • JERA Co., Inc.
  • Undertaking Regional Infrastructure Business
  • Contribute to Solving Local Issues and Revitalizing Local Communities

Foundation for Growth

  • Creating an Environment Where Diverse Human Resources Can Take Active Roles
  • Providing Opportunities and Support to Employees Who Meet the Challenge of Self-transformation
  • Special Feature : Stakeholder Engagement – Proactive Dialogue with Stakeholders
  • Respect for Human Rights
  • CSR-conscious Procurement
  • Practice of Environmental Management
  • Coexistence with Local Communities
  • Dialogue between the Chairman of the Board of Directors, an External Director and External Corporate Auditor
  • Corporate Governance
  • Operating Company Governance Structure
  • Risk Management
  • Ensuring Compliance Management


  • Five-Year Operating and Financial Statistics (Consolidated)
  • Management Discussion and Analysis of Operating Results, Financial Standing, and Cash Flows
  • Business and Other Risks
  • Consolidated Financial Statements
  • Corporate Data
  • Associated Companies

Financial Section(Year ended March 31, 2023)

  • Consolidated Balance Sheets
  • Consolidated Statements of Operations
  • Consolidated Statements of Comprehensive Income
  • Consolidated Statements of Changes in Net Assets
  • Consolidated Statements of Cash Flows
  • Notes to Consolidated Financial Statements
  • Independent Auditor's Report

Appendix : Financial Section(Year ended March 31, 2023)

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