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President Hayashi

The Chubu Electric Power Group has consistently been delivering electricity for society and for the people of the region. However, we believe that we deliver security, safety, and convenience in addition to electricity. We’ve grown together with society with the mindset that our business activities which aim to support safe, secure, and resilient livelihoods are CSR itself.

To achieve a secure, stable, decarbonized, distributed and circular society which we envision in Vision 2.0 for 2050, we must overcome various challenges. Chubu Electric Power has conducted an importance assessment and classification from the perspectives of stakeholders and Group management, and has identified materiality (important challenges).

We’ve established indicators and targets for the sustainability challenges, from adapting to changes in the earth’s environment including realizing a decarbonized society, crisis management in preparation for natural disasters, and investment in human capital, and are prioritizing solving these issues.

In particular, we’ve set the Zero Emission Challenge 2050 as a goal for 2050 to realize a decarbonized society. Having set ambitious targets and created plans with 2030 as a milestone, we are making progress on initiatives; for example, JERA will be advancing ammonia co-firing and the Group will be expanding businesses such as the renewable energy business, global business, and resource circulating business. By contributing to the solutions for societal challenges such as decarbonization, we will realize sustainable growth with our customers and society.

To achieve Vision 2.0, each employee needs to be able to demonstrate their full potential depending on where they are in their career trajectory or stage in life, and there needs to be mechanisms and an environment where the company and employees can lift each other up. With this goal, we’ve created a human resource strategy and are fleshing out initiatives to secure and develop human resources with diverse talents for each employee to be able to demonstrate their full potential.

Finally, our Group’s business operations are rooted in the trust we’ve fostered with our customers and society since our founding. Each and every employee in the Chubu Electric Power Group will be fully compliant with the relevant laws and regulations, and the Group will accomplish CSR as a good corporate citizen.

By pursuing our business activities, we will continue to deliver the value that our customers, shareholders, people of the community, business partners, and other stakeholders seek. Through such activities we will contribute to the development of a sustainable society in accordance with our Group’s code of conduct, the CSR Declaration.

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