Doing Business in Materials and Equipment

Major Procurement Items

The Purchasing and Contracting Department of Chubu Electric is responsible for procuring the following items.
Download information about major procurement items in 2024FY.

The scale class represents the approximate scale of the amount at the time of planning, as shown below.

The scale class
Procurement Center
Renewable Energy Company

For Information Only

Products which are not procured by our Purchasing and Contracting Department include, for example, fuels for power generation ; books (including magazines, newspapers and maps) ; video tapes, movies, films, exhibits, block copies and other items whose production is primarily to be contracted out by Public Relation Department products to be procured under leasing contract (such as automobiles and personal computers) ; products which can not be considered finished goods by our purchasing unit standard(semi-finished products, parts and components) ; and those materials which are specified in the contract and supplied by contractors.

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