Doing Business in Materials and Equipment


Those suppliers wishing to do business with Chubu Electric are requested to present documents and other materials which describe their corporate profiles and the products they seek to offer.Such presentations may be given to any of the inquiry service offices of the Purchasing and Contracting Department.
By examining the materials submitted,Chubu Electric makes a preliminary assessment of the applicant and the product's sufficient attractiveness.Submission of additional data and a product sample may be requested if necessary.
The results of this assessment will be provided.If these results are positive,a notice of the registration procedure will be given.

Points for Consideration

Chubu Electric sets a high value on the following points in procuring materials and equipment. In marketing, we recommend that prospective suppliers describe how their own products are superior in these same areas:

Quality, Performance and Price

  • Safety and reliability
  • High efficiency
  • Reasonable price


  • Observance of deadline
  • Stable supply
  • Quick response to emergencies

Post-sale Service

  • Cooperation in maintenance
  • Complete domestic service network
  • Warranty and repair program


  • Endeavor to protect the environment
  • Environment burden of product

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