Chubu Electric Power Group Basic Corporate Governance Policy

Our basic policy on corporate governance, which is based on the Chubu Electric Power Group CSR Declaration, is stated below.

The Chubu Electric Power Group believes it is necessary to practice our corporate philosophy, which is to "deliver the energy that is indispensable to people's lives and so contribute to the development of society," and for us to "continue to grow as a group with our customers and society" so as to maintain the trust of shareholders, investors, and other stakeholders, as well as remain the customer's definitive choice of energy supplier.
For this reason, we strive to further enhance corporate governance, including the maintenance of fairness and transparency at the core of our business, ensuring proper oversight of management and operation execution, and providing mechanisms for swift decision-making, as espoused in the Chubu Electric Power Group CSR Declaration.

  • Assurance of shareholder rights and equality
    We will maintain an environment in which all shareholders are able to appropriately exercise their rights, including voting rights at the general meeting of shareholders.
  • Appropriate cooperation with stakeholders
    The understanding and cooperation of our customers, communities, shareholders, investors and all stakeholders are essential for the Chubu Electric Power Group to conduct our business. Therefore, we emphasize an interactive dialogue with our stakeholders and maintain high levels of transparency and openness in our business activities.
  • Assurance of appropriate information disclosure and transparency
    We will extensively disclose information in a timely and appropriate manner about the full range of our financial situation and business activities that includes both financial and non-financial information.
  • Responsibilities of the Board of Directors, etc.
    The Board of Directors makes decisions on important management matters that effectively steer the company toward sustainable growth and greater corporate value in the medium- and long-term and exercises effective oversight over management and business execution through the involvement of independent external directors and other means.
    The executive officer system allows for the separation of management decision-making and oversight from execution and accordingly streamlines the execution of operations.
    Corporate auditors and the Board of Auditors audit directors' performance of their duties from an independent and objective standpoint.
  • Dialogue with shareholders
    In accordance with the "Policy for Constructive Dialogue with Shareholders," we provide detailed explanations to our shareholders about the Chubu Electric Power Group's management situation and business activities.

"Policy for Constructive Dialogue with Shareholders"

Below is our policy on maintaining a framework and engaging in initiatives for promoting a constructive dialogue with our shareholders.

  • Executives in the Corporate Planning and Strategy Division supervise all facts of the dialogue with shareholders and actively coordinate with relevant divisions, which includes having the divisions responsible prepare and check materials to be disclosed and sharing necessary information so that timely and appropriate information is communicated to facilitate a constructive dialogue.
  • Briefings are regularly held on financial results and management plans, which serve as a means for engaging in a dialogue other than individual interviews. Facility tours are also conducted as appropriate. In addition, shareholder newsletters and other publications are prepared and distributed. We have set up a dedicated page on our website for this purpose and strive to communicate timely and appropriate information.
  • The executives who engage in discussions with shareholders provide timely and appropriate feedback about these dialogues to the Board of Directors and other teams as a way of sharing and making use of this valuable information.
  • Insider information is strictly controlled in accordance with our internal regulations, and company training is also provided to raise awareness about managing insider information when engaging in dialogues.

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