Chubu Electric Power Group Basic Environmental Policy

Our basic policy for environmental conservation, which is based on the Chubu Electric Power Group CSR Declaration, is stated below.

The Chubu Electric Power Group will deliver high-quality electricity in a safe, affordable, and stable manner, and provide “new forms of community” through creation of the Community Support Infrastructure, and we will aim to grow sustainably as a total energy service corporate group that is one step ahead.
With the aim of realizing these goals, we will practice appropriate environmental management, and each and every one of our employees shall exercise discipline and act in an environmentally conscious manner. We will contribute to the sustainable development of society through implementation of initiatives in all aspects of energy value chain aiming to achieve a carbon-free and recycling-oriented society that is in harmony with nature.

  • We Will Aim to Realize a Carbon-Free Society Toward achieving "Zero Emissions Challenge 2050"
    • We will promote the utilization of nuclear power generation by prioritizing safety improvements and winning the trust of the local community.
    • In addition to hydroelectric power, solar power, land-based wind power and biomass, we will proactively promote the renewable energy business, including new areas such as offshore wind power and geothermal power generation.
    • We will promote initiatives to ensure electric power of a quality that allows for effective utilization of renewable energy power sources and storage batteries.
    • We will strive to construct and operate electric facilities in a rational manner with digital technology that will enable optimal energy use. We will create a customer-centered community support infrastructure to meet society’s needs, thereby contributing to electrification and decarbonization of energy use in cooperation with communities and customers.
  • We Will Strive to Coexist with Nature
    • To protect our rich natural environment, we will take into account ecosystem biodiversity and water resources sustainability as we conduct our business activities.
  • We Will Aim to Create a Recycling Society
    • We will work to reduce our consumption of resources and strive to minimize disposal volume by reducing waste as well as reusing and recycling resources.
  • We Will Endeavor to Raise Environmental Awareness
    • We will enhance communication about the environment and energy with members of the community.
    • We will train personnel so that they take the initiative to act in an environmentally-conscious manner and contribute to society.

The Chubu Electric Power Group will continuously strive to improve our environmental initiatives and disclose information about them in a timely and appropriate manner.

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